ISIS Propaganda Magazine Calls for Knife Attacks

October 11, 2016 The Islamic State or ISIS
is urging sympathizers to carry out knife attacks in public places in the latest version of Rumiyah, the terrorist groups propaganda magazine.

The Clarion Project reports that in one article, titled “Just Terror Tactics,” the author explain how to carry out a knife attack. Aspiring jihadists are urged to target victims anywhere a knife can be carried, advocating that knives are easy to obtain, legal to own and effective weapons of terror. The author suggest victims be targeted while walking down quiet roads, enjoying time in a public park or in alley’s close to a night club.

ISIS has claimed responsibilty for several recent knife attacks in Europe and in the United States. On September 17, a knife attack at the Crossroads Center shopping mall in Minnesota injured ten people before an off duty police officer shot and killed the attacker. ISIS immediately claimed responsibilty for the attack. In August, a man and woman in Roanoke, Virginia were attacked in an apartment complex by a knife weilding man who yelled “Allahu akbar” as he stabbed them.

The magazine is part of the terrorist group’s propaganda efforts to spread its message around the world in as many languages as possible using the internet. The magazine is distributed via twitter and blogs operated by ISIS.

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