Sirsy Rocks the Falls…and Hard Rock

On September 23 the Saratoga Springs duo Sirsy made a return visit to the Niagara Falls Hard Rock Cafe for Free Music Friday.


Not your typical singing duo, this husband and wife team feature guitar and drums with a little flute and a few bass effects thrown in. Melanie does the singing while she lays the drums…standing up and Rich takes care of the guitar duties.

Professional musicians, Mel and Rich have traveled to 47 of the 50 states – South Dakota, Nebraska, and Alaska. Their current tour will take them to two of those three remaining states with only Alaska remaining.

Sirsy 2

Performing what Mel called “some songs we made up and some songs you recognize” Sirsy’s performance included “Lots ‘O’ Love”, “Kicks”, “Revolution”, “Stand By Me”, “red Letter Days”, the Fleetwood Mac song “Go Your Own Way”, “Soul Sucker”, “Kiss” by Prince, “Lion Heart”, and “Cannonball”.

Mel invited the crowd to join in but noted it was hard for the audience to participate and sing with their mouths full.

Like Don Henley and Phil Collins, Melanie sings as she plays the drums, but she is economic with her drum playing with no wild arm movements allowing her to concentrate on her performance and singing…which she does well. And as if that wasn’t enough she also plays the flute during a few songs while keeping the bass drum beat going.

Sirsy is more than just musical background for dinner guests, they are a duo worth watching; as well as, hearing.

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