What You Should Know About This Season’s Hot New Hair Colour Trends

The leaves aren’t the only things wowing us with their brilliant colour change! This Fall hot new hair colour trends sizzle! From shimmery black to ginger fawn to rose-gold, made popular by Kylie Jenner, there’s no telling where it will end.

What You Should Know About The Season’s Hot New Hair Colour Trends

“Rose-gold” hair

Indeed, the effect is exciting when we take a look at Kylie Jenner’s new “rose-gold” locks. Not only is the look super-attractive but a radical switch from her usual luxurious brunette shade!

Allure magazine tells us that celebrity colourist, Aura Friedman, thinks Kylie looks so great with the shade because the combination of warm and cool tones “works on a wide range of people”. Allure goes on to say that they think in the case of “metallic-inspired” hues anyway, the rose-gold might be their favourite colour Jenner has tried up to this point!

Last year saw a selection of more off-beat hair colours on the trend palette-everything from opal to silver blonds and bright rainbow shades. But this year the trend is a bit more basic. “Natural and subtle” seem to be the by-words for 2016 with a lot of shine and wow thrown-in.

Ooooooooooh @ashleytisdale ??? new color time!!!! ✔️✔️ tortoiseshell dreams ?

A photo posted by KRISTIN ESS HAIR (@kristin_ess) on

Just some of the appetizing new shades for 2016 are hair colour trends like:‘tortoiseshell’-a honey-auburn blend, ‘buttery-beige’, murky pastels, soft corals, natural cool-tone browns, and shades like ‘light roast’- uh,huh- a coffee-brown with soft red hues.

But the best place to hair-colour watch for 2016 is the celebrities. They seem to get the what’s-in-buzz first and, where their hair is concerned anyway, they’re always a shade a-‘head’ of the game.

Featured Image source:https://twitter.com/StrawberryNG/status/784135699104616449
Other Sources:http://www.allure.com/story/kylie-jenner-rose-gold?

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