Battles Conclude on ‘The Voice’

It’s the final night of the battle rounds on “The Voice.” Miley’s team is filled, Blake has a steal remaining, and only a few spots remain before the teams are filled.

The Voice

The first battle of the night was from team Blake with industry veterans Austin Allsup and Preston James. Blake chose the Credence Clearwater Revival song, “Bad Moon Rising,” for the battle. It was the first battle this season with both singers playing the guitar. Alicia loved how both guys had their own style in the performance, adding that they were really strong. Saying that she doesn’t like confrontation, Miley said that she could hear Austin on the radio and noted that Preston’s family knows the business. Adam was surprised by Austin and impressed with Preston. Saying that both guys did incredibly well, Blake chose Austin as the winner of the battle. There were no steals available for Preston.

Next up was team Alicia’s Broadway actor Gabriel Violett and sisters Whitney and Shannon with “More than Words” by Extreme. Miley liked the harmonies, saying that it made the song interesting. Miley said that Gabriel fit in nicely. Adam said that the sisters were equally as strong as they were in the blind auditions, adding that Gabriel was fantastic. Blake said that he felt that Gabriel wasn’t getting the credit he deserved, saying that there were so many interesting things about his voice. Alicia said that Gabriel has really arrived but there is such a love that emanates from the sisters. Alicia chose sisters Whitney and Shannon as the winner of the battle. No steal for Gabriel.

In the final battle, Adam paired Bindi Liebowitz and Brendan Fletcher for a battle of the Marc Broussard song, “Home.” Blake said that both singers sounded really good, but felt that Brendan’s voice fit the song better. Saying that both did well, Alicia was taken by Brendan’s voice, adding that Bindi’s voice was powerful. Adam said that Bindi has a unique voice that reminds him of Rihanna but Brendan had moments where Adam thought the building would come unhinged. Saying that he was picking the artist who he believed had limitless potential and makes the hairs on his arm stand up, Adam chose Brendan as the winner of the battle.

Blake used his final steal on Bindi.

Next week the knockout round begins where the singers themselves choose the songs. The knockout round advisor is husband and wife Country stars, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

The Battle Round Teams:
Christian Cuevas
Courtnie Ramirez – steal
We McDonald
Michael Sanchez – steal
Belle Jewell
Kylie Rothfield
Whitney and Shannon

Jason Warrior – steal
Riley Elmore
Billy Gilman
Ponciano Seoane
Dave Moisan – steal
Nolan Neal
Simone Gundy
Brendan Fletcher

Ali Caldwell
Lauren Diaz – steal
Sophia Urista
Josette Diaz
Maye Thomas
Darby Walker
Josh Halverson – steal
Aaron Gibson

Sundance Head
Courtney Harrell
Karlee Metzger – steal
Josh Gallagher
Dana Harper
Gabe Broussard
Austin Allsup
Bindi Liebowitz – steal


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