People Magazine Writer Offers Witness to Corroborate Trump Story

A former People Magazine writer who claimed to have been forcibly kissed by Donald Trump, has now come forward to say there is a witness to one part of her allegations. According to Natasha Stoynoff, the assault allegedly occurred in December 2005 at Trump’s estate in Florida. The incident allegedly happened when Trump offered her a tour of the mansion then she was pushed up against a wall while Trump kissed her and fondled her.

Stoynoff allegations also included a reference to a chance meeting that Stoynoff had with Mrs. Trump after the incident. Stoynoff stated that she ran into Mrs. Trump one day in New York City with Mrs. Trump commenting they never saw each other anymore. Melania Trump disputes the claim but Tuesday People Magazine issued a statement and new story about a friend of Stoynoff who was actually there when the causal chance meeting with Mrs. Trump. Liza Herz remembers being there during the chance meeting. “They chatted in a friendly way,” Herz, who met Stoynoff in college, says. “And what struck me most was that Melania was carrying a child and wearing heels.”

For his part, Donald Trump has denied all the allegations by Stoynoff and the other 8 women who are claiming to have been the victim of sexual misconduct. He even went on to imply that Stoynoff wasn’t attractive enough for him to have had tried to kiss her. In response to Trump’s comments on her appearance she said that, ““I was obviously good-looking enough for him at the time to force-kiss me and insist that we were going to have an affair.” Steinhoff’s newest interview with People Magazine, was released on Tuesday. Stoynoff stated she had no regrets telling her story. “Women are talking about this, and they need to. We cannot be silent anymore. I didn’t tell my story for politics, I told it for women,” she told People.

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