Shear Wizardry: Harry Potter Makeup, Brushes and Fantastical Halloween Makeup!

Just in time for Halloween — Shiro Cosmetics and seriously magical Harry Potter makeup brushes by Geeky Cauldron! The fab Harry Potter-inspired Shiro Cosmetic line features 20 eye-shadows, five wicked lip glosses, one bronzer, and one shimmer face powder.

Pure Wizardry For Halloween: Harry Potter Cosmetics and Makeup Brushes!

Harry Potter-Inspired Makeup and Brushes!

The makeup is shear wizardry and has a definite Harry Potter feel in fun packaging. It was created by Shiro Cosmetics in Portland, Oregon. The six-year-old company launched this special collection last Halloween and aptly named it Marauders, Mugwumps, and Muggles, making it part of their permanent makeup collection. Cofounders for Shiro Cosmetics, Lauren and Caitlin blend their vegan, cruelty-free makeup by hand, in small batches — no, not in a cauldron but in their laboratory.

Shiro also has several fabulous mini makeup lines that have been particularly inspired by modern pop culture, such as the Tributes Collection (inspired by the Hunger Games series) and the Hobbit Collection (inspired by the famous J.R.R. Tolkien book). The Harry Potter eye shadow includes colors like copper, which is associated with Hermione’s auburn-hued hair and the metallic emerald eyeshadow called ‘Have a Biscuit, Potter.’ There’s also silver metallic and a brown-bronze shade.

Lip glosses are inspired by a magic potion concept such as Amortentia — a pink magenta — a ‘love potion’ and a caramel-colored Butterbeer gloss. The whimsical design of the packaging is very Harry-Potter-ish too and can double as a collectible  itself.

Also, to keep us spellbound is some Harry Potter-designed, wand-like makeup brushes. Storybook Cosmetics, seen on Instagram, has come up with these fantastical makeup brushes — a perfect match for the Shiro Harry Potter Cosmetics Collection. Allure magazine has told us the story on these amazing brushes:

Once upon a time, the concept was created by sisters Mandy, Missy and Erin Maynard of the “Geeky Cauldron,” an Omaha-based company. They already sell many things fandom, so the brushes were the next logical step. In an email to Allure they stated, ”We can’t believe Storybook Cosmetics is finally happening! As massive fans of all things wizard, this seemed like the obvious step to merge our two loves—fandom and makeup.”

UPDATE: At this writing, Geeky Cauldron have created the brushes and the company has issued a statement telling fans that at this time, however, the brushes are sold out.

“UPDATE (October 17, 2016) Brushes are sold out! Creators went on Instagram to thank fans for their “viral weekend.” Products sold out during the pre-sale, but they also affirmed that they are waiting to hear back from their manufacturer to see if it’s possible to make more.”

Casting a spell at Halloween with these cool Halloween Makeup Ideas is also pure wizardry! Check them out!

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