‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Season 8 Episode 1 ‘Hello Brother’

The premiere of the final season of The Vampire Diaries is finally here. Of course, that’s also a bad thing, since there are only 16 episodes and starting it now means that it will be over soon. But all good things must come to an end, right?

Caution: This article contains spoilers for The Vampire Diaries Season 8 premiere.

The title “Hello, Brother” is quite fitting for the season that is focused on saving Damon from this big evil released from the Season 7 finale vault. These were the first words said by the character in the pilot episode. Each title will have a connection to the first season, but this one just seems more poignant.

Things have changed dramatically since the pilot episode. Stefan no longer hates his brother, Elena is with Damon and is currently in a coma, Bonnie is now best friends with Damon and dating Enzo, and Caroline is a vampire who gave birth to twin siphoning witches.

The Season 8 premiere picks up just months after the Season 7 finale, with Damon and Enzo on their killing spree.  Damon is in the middle of the road and forces a young couple, driving in fog, to swerve around him. Enzo is right there and ready for them, and it feels like the show premiere all over again.

It’s now time for Damon and Enzo to take their new victims to the slaughter house, where they are slaves to the evil creature inside them. They spend some time finding out the dirtiest deeds their latest victims have done, but then feed the man to whatever is in that bloody water and kill the woman by a bite from Enzo.

The rest are trying their hardest to find Damon and Enzo, although Bonnie is sharing everything with Elena through her diary. A memory of Enzo fixing a broken guitar string breaks Bonnie.

While she’s dealing with that, Caroline is struggling with the very hot nanny. It turns out Alaric is running the Armory and she’s worried about the charms of the nanny. Is this going to cause problems for her and Stefan?

Well, they are still together but finding Damon has taken over. When Stefan learns about a body left behind, he has some hope. Bonnie is fed up of dead ends now, but will keep looking for Stefan’s sake.

Back to the evil duo, and we find Damon reading Fifty Shades of Grey of all things. While Damon is giving himself over to the dark, Enzo is trying to hold onto his humanity. That just leads to Damon kicking him into the pit with that bloody-thirsty monster.

Caroline is working on what Virginia told Enzo about the vault, while Stefan and Bonnie have some luck. The police says that the car hit a mountain lion and Bonnie learns that the man had been strangled with a guitar string. So, the flashback was useful foreshadowing. Caroline also learns about a nearby creek running red. It’s time to check out the “drainage issues” at the slaughterhouse.

Alaric had managed to get into the tunnels of the Armory, where they find a door. There’s supposed to be ancient artifacts behind the door, and he turns a little geeky as he gets excited about the goldmine they could find.

Caroline nearly gets out of having to deal with the hot nanny when Virginia slits Seline’s throat. But Caroline isn’t evil like that, and she stops Virginia attacking the twin siphoning witches and feeds her blood to Selena. A bit of compulsion later and Seline takes the twins for ice cream. Caroline can now get some answers, but Virginia just says that “it” has come for the girls. Virginia shockingly bites out her own tongue and bleeds out right in front of Caroline.

With one character gone, we move back to Bonnie and Stefan at the slaughterhouse. Bonnie finds candle wax on the female, and Stefan reminisces about the show pilot episode. And that’s when Damon shows up, sexy smirk and all. It doesn’t take long for Stefan to realize that Damon has switch off his humanity—possibly as a way to deal with everything that he has to do for this evil entity. Damon is done with being a hero and his humanity isn’t going to save him from hell.

Despite the warning from Damon, Stefan isn’t about to leave his brother. There’s this feeling from Season 3 when Damon and Elena were looking for Stefan after he joined Klaus, only Stefan will always go further to save his big brother.

Stefan urges Damon to think about Elena, but Damon has decided that his girlfriend doesn’t matter anymore. They’re on different paths and she will have a happier life. So, when he realizes that Stefan isn’t leaving, Damon stabs him.

Bonnie isn’t going to go anywhere without Enzo, and it’s clear that Enzo is holding on to all things good—possibly for Bonnie. We’re back to memories of Season 3, as Enzo tells Bonnie to leave but it’s clear that he’s doing this for Bonnie and still needs saving. There’s hope there for them.

Before Bonnie and Stefan leave, Damon can’t help but get in a dig about his life being over for the last century and a half. Stefan has to know that this is the evil in Damon talking, but it still stings. And it doesn’t help that Stefan has now lost all hope. It’s up to Bonnie to get him back on track to save them, because she knows that Enzo is leaving behind clues for them.

This is the chance for Bonnie to go back through everything that Enzo has ever done and is doing now. The candle wax was a link to The Odyssey, a book that Enzo read a story from to her. There was also a connection to the sirens in the way that the female victim was strapped to the front of the car.

But it’s time to focus on the two evil vampires, and Damon wants Enzo to flip the humanity switch. It turns out that Damon flipped the switch to save the people he loved, and he thinks it will be a good idea for Enzo, since this evil beast can’t then go after Bonnie. She decides to turn to Alaric for help with a siren theory that she has—how they control minds and lure victims to death.

Alaric offers to move back to Mystic Falls, while Stefan shares his worries with Elena through his journal. Stefan just hopes that there is a little bit of Damon in there.

We find out there is. Damon is thinking about Elena—the first night he met her, when he thought she was Katherine. He tells this Elena that he doesn’t know how much longer he can fight it.

Back in the warehouse, Damon and Enzo hear singing and sure enough a siren appears from the pit of water. She’s finally full from all the victims and it’s time for the next part of the plan.

There were plenty of moments to reminisce the past of The Vampire Diaries this week, with connects to Seasons 1 and 3 throughout. We also finally have a name for the evil being!

Don’t forget to tune in for more The Vampire Diaries on Fridays at 8pm on the CW.

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