Dead or Alive Singer Peter Burns Dies

Frontman and founder for the rock band Dead or Alive Pete Burns died October 23 as a result of a massive cardiac arrest at the age of 57.

Dead or Alive is best known for their hits “You Spin Me Round *Like a Record)” and “Brand New Lover”.

Burns’ music has appeared on some three dozen film and television productions including “Mystery Science Fiction Theater 3000”, “The Wedding Singer”, “CSI: Miami”, “The Hangover”, “Dancing with the Stars”, “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel”, “Chuck”, “The A-Team”, “EastEnders”, “Pitch Perfect”, “Strictly Come Dancing”, “Glee”, and a variety of variety shows.

After Dead or Alive Burns made a number of television appearances; his last appearance was a part the the British series “Celebrity Botched Up Bodies” where Burns discussed his numerous plastic surgeries – reportedly some 300 cosmetic operations.

Burns made a number of television and reality show appearances including “Razzamatazz”, “Top of the Pops”, “Never Mind the Buzzcocks”, “Celebrity Big Brother’s Big Mouth”, “Celebrity Big Bother”, “Big Brother’s Little Brother”, “Cosmetic Surgery Nightmares”, “Wife Swap”, “Ultimate Big Brother”, “Come Dine with Me”, “Celebrity Wedding Planner”, and “Big Brother’s Bit on the Side”.

He was born Peter Jozzeppi Burns on August 5, 1959 the son of a British father and Holocaust survivor German mother. With shaved eyebrows, red hair, and one big earring; a 14 year old Peter was summoned to the headmaster’s office at his Liverpool school. Not one to conform to the rules, Peter left scoool and began working at a record store. It is here that Peter formed his first band – The Mystery Girls. And in 1980, he formed Dead or Alive.

Before there was Boy George, there was Peter Burns. Saying that he was raised with freedom and creativity, Burns was known as much for his flamboyant attire on stage as he was the music the band created.

Burns is survived by his ex wife Lynn and ex husband Michael Simpson.

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