Police Clear Pipeline Protesters from Construction Company Land

Breaking News: Earlier today protesters of the Dakota Access Pipeline construction erected teepees on Energy Transfer Partners-owned land. This evening law enforcement arrived en masse to force the protesters from the private property late on Thursday afternoon and reaching into the evening of Oct. 27, 2016.

Video provided by a NoDAPL protester of incidents between law enforcement, including the National Guard, and the protesters who refer to themselves as “water protectors:”


In an abbreviated timeline of Thursday afternoon events, this is what has occurred:

  • At approximately 4 p.m. ET, police began making arrests of the protesters on the construction company’s land.
  • Around the same time, Standing Rock youth protested Hillary Clinton.
  • At approximately 5 p.m. ET, when actor Mark Ruffalo commented that law enforcement was being “very aggressive” toward the protesters, law enforcement began using pepper spray against the protesters in the area and made 16 arrests. It was around this time that Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier complained about “millionaire Hollywood actors.”
  • By approximately 6 p.m. ET, law enforcement had cleared the protesters from Energy Transfer Partners’ property. Law enforcement used armored vehicles to push the protesters back.


More to follow as this incident continues.

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