Life After ‘The Walking Dead’ for Cudlitz and Yeun

Although fans of The Walking Dead have only had a week to mourn the characters of Glenn and Abraham at the hands of the sadistic Negan, actors Steven Yeun and Michael Cudlitz have had since filming of the Season 7 episodes in May 2016 to get used to the idea and move forward as actors.

Both Cudlitz and Yeun visited with host Chris Hardwick and fans on The Talking Dead, which aired immediately after the Season 7 première of The Walking Dead, with both of the actors voicing their feelings about their characters, about leaving the show, the friends they’ve made with fellow actors and production staff, and the fans who’ve made The Walking Dead the success it is.

Remaining stagnant, though, is not in the cards for either man as both have new projects on which they’re working:

Michael Cudlitz on HBO Series, “Ballers”

Cudlitz landed a role in the HBO series, Ballers, that stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson playing a retired football player, Spencer Strasmore. Michael Cudlitz plays the character, Dan Balsamo, a former football player whose career was ended by a hit from Strasmore. The Balsamo character has a recurring role in the series, additionally featuring Rob Corddry as an advisor at Strasmore’s new job.

Steven Yeun Working on Multiple Projects

Yeun has a number of irons in the acting fire, including the lead role in the horror film, “Mayhem.” In the film, a viral outbreak causes people to act out their most violent impulses. Yeun’s character, an attorney being framed by a co-worker, has even more to be concerned with as he tries to defend himself from the outbreak.

Yeun is also signed on to act in an upcoming South Korean-American co-production film, “Okja.” The film follows the success the same production company saw with their 2013 film, “Snowpiercer,” with actress Tilda Swinton reprising her role there in “Okja.”

In addition, Yeun lent his voice to a new Netflix animated series, “Trollhunter,” which premieres on Dec. 23, 2016. The late Anton Yelchin and actors Kelsey Grammar and Ron Perlman. And in another animated film, this one based on a comic book from Image Comics, “Chew,” Yeun has the lead role as the psychic detective, Tony Chu.

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