You’ll Flip Your Lid Over This Amazing Halloween Costume!

You may feel a little light-headed when you take a look at this incredible Halloween makeup effect! It was created and crafted by Ailish Octigan who simply used a lot of skill and some fabulous makeup.

You'll Flip Your Lid Over This Crazy Halloween Makeup!

Floating Head Halloween Makeup

“I’m just too lazy and cheap to get a real costume,” she said. Oh sure- Ailish- and we all could create this if we wanted too-uh huh. “I’m just too lazy and cheap to get a real costume,” she said. Here we are struggling to come up with something original for the big party night and Ailish just paints this on using makeup, some brushes and a fantastic imagination.

But we are very impressed with her innovation here and her talent! So what do you do when you have a fab once-in-a-lifetime creation like this? You post it on Instagram of course- and blow the minds of everyone who sees it.

Let’s face it- no matter how you slice it (sorry) the eye just sees the horrible impression of a decapitated head and does not focus one bit on the makeup. And yes, it does get more gruesome and frightening the more you look at it!

Well, if you want to practice and get this look for next year, here’s a great tutorial. Not Ailish Octigan however. On her Twitter page she promises to do a step by step tutorial very soon!

Wouldn’t you love to have been at the party Ailish attended so you could see everyone’s reaction? Wonder if the party was in Sleepy Hollow? There’s a horseman there that she may just lose her head over.

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