‘Chicago Fire’ Recap: Season 5 Episode 4 ‘Nobody Else Is Dying Today’

Casey finds himself in the middle of a hazardous situation in Chicago Fire this week, while Otis has big news.

If you missed Chicago Fire Season 5 last week, you can catch up with the recap. If not, read on but do be aware that there are spoilers from this week’s episode.

The week starts with an argument between Dawson and Casey, as Dawson accuses Casey of putting his golf game before picking up Louie. As they head out, Casey says that he will cancel golf for Louis and off they all go. Casey isn’t going to make Louie’s pickup time, though. A trip to a warehouse for an inspection leads to a forklift being driven into a barrel of acid, which spills out on the floor.

Casey and the others have to get away from all the fumes, and they get to a locker room where the owner’s daughter is painting. As the owner passes out, Casey realizes that Milo—a worker who fell in the acid—can’t be saved. With the bottom of the door blocked so the fumes can’t get in, they have to call for help and just wait.

Unfortunately for Casey, help isn’t on the way. The guy who was going to call 911 never got out of the building. There are now fumes seeping in from under the door, but luckily the owner is now coming to. Casey finds out there’s a landline on the other side of the heater vent, so Casey gets to work on removing the vent to get through.

Dawson doesn’t initially find out about her boyfriend’s situation. She and Brett are called to help an elderly woman who feel, likely due to her low blood pressure. They want to get her to the hospital, but the woman refuses. Dawson is worried that there is something more serious at play, and the woman’s senior advocate accuses them of bullying the woman to do something she doesn’t want to. It’s not easy being a paramedic.

Maybe the woman should have gone with Dawson and Brett. The two are later called back to her when she takes another fall. This time they make it clear that she is going, and they are going to Chicago Med, despite the woman wanting to go to a hospital 10 minutes further away. When the woman has a stroke, the advocate tries to get Dawson to listen to her supervisor on the phone. Instead, Dawson throws the phone out the door and makes it clear that they are going to Chicago Med.

Things go from bad to worse for Casey and the warehouse owner. That acid was being stored without a permit, and it was likely that the guy who was going to call 911 was actually going to destroy all evidence. To make things even worse, the acid is getting into aluminum shavings, which means chemical reaction. Could things get any worse?

It’s only when the daycare call Dawson that she finds out Casey is in trouble. Well, she actually thinks that he lied to her at first.

As for Casey, the hole he makes to get into the office with the phone isn’t big enough for him. The owner’s daughter has to get in but she’s scared to leave her father, who is now struggling to breathe. Casey performs a tracheotomy, just as the fumes get into the room even more.

The girl does get to the phone, and Firehouse 51 are called to the scene. Dawson immediately realizes that Casey is inside, and squad goes in to get Casey and the others out. The crew need to cut the power, but pulling all the meters doesn’t get rid of all power. They pull the main line, and then there’s an explosion. It’s only once the power is completely shut off that squad can go in to save the others.

What was Otis’ big news? He got an email from a flight simulation school about making the short list. He’s going to leave Chicago to attend the school. Cruz tells him that it was he who sent the email to stop Otis from leaving. Otis pretends to be mad, but he knew it was fake all along.

As for Brett and Mouch’s book, they get word that a publisher wants to meet them. Both thinking it is a scam, they don’t bother following up. However, Platt believes that one of the texts Brett sent to Mouch means Mouch is having an affair. Platt finally finds out about the book, and reminds Mouch that she has a cousin working with a publishing company.

Could the book get published? Can Dawson and Casey find a way to manage their schedules with Louie? Tune in for more Chicago Fire Season 5 on Tuesdays at 10pm on NBC.

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