‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’ Recap: Season 6 Episode 8 ‘Chapter 8’

We say goodbye to another two characters in this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke. With just two episodes left, all bets are off for who will be the lone survivor.

If you missed last week’s episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke, you can catch up with the recap of “Chapter 7.” Reading on will include spoilers from “Chapter 8.”

The group of five remaining survivors start off the week separated. Lee is chained and having parts of her being served to the others and being eaten by the Polks, Audrey and Monet are in another room waiting their turn to take Lee’s place, and Shelby and Dominic can just watch as Agnes is being killed by the Butcher.

We start with Dominic and Shelby, who are still watching the ghosts outside. Deciding they need to get out, Shelby takes Dominic down to the tunnels, where she’s reminded of her previous actions by seeing Matt’s bashed in body. Dominic manages to get her to snap out of her regrets, and they get into the tunnels to get to the forests.

When something moves ahead of them, Shelby says that it could be Edward coming to help them. So, it turns out that Edward did actually help them through the tunnels. Unfortunately, though, it’s the Chans and they want to help the Butcher in their creepy The Grudge/The Ring type of way. Dominic and Shelby get out of the tunnels and try to block the Chans from following them, but it doesn’t work. Before they know it, the Chans, Piggy, and other ghosts are there to kill them.

As they’re trying to get up the stairs, the chandelier crashes down on top of them, breaking Shelby’s ankle right where the Polks did it in the documentary. Dominic wastes no time in grabbing Shelby and getting them both up the stairs and into the main bedroom. From there, they make it to the bathroom and hope that they can sit out the ghosts for the night.

AHS Season 6 Episode 8 Dominic

The problem is Shelby can no longer live with herself. She killed her husband: the whole reason she was there. Feeling like there’s nothing worth living for, she slashes her own neck and bleeds out. Dominic is left on his own, screaming at Sydney through the cameras.

As for Lee, she has realized that she isn’t getting out of this alive. She does get to know more about the youngest Polk, Cain. It turns out that he’s upset. All he’s ever wanted is to be on TV and he wasn’t even included in the documentary. Lee manages to strike up a relationship through that with him, sharing that she will make sure he gets on TV if he helps to get her out.

We also find out more about the Polks and their history. It turns out they started eating people due to the Great Depression. Some thieves had eaten their last pigs, so the Polks killed the people and ate them. They keep the humans they eat alive until they’ve finished off the best of the meat, because it’s the only way to keep the meat fresh.

So, with that backstory, we’re able to move onto how Lee is going to get out. After taking oxy to help with the pain she feels—deciding that she isn’t getting out so might as well not fight being an addict anymore—she figures out that she can seduce Cain. Cain can even film it all if he wants, but she wants to be able to touch him. That means he has to untie her arm, which he willingly does. Of course, it was a ploy by Lee to strangle Cain and knock him out.

As she unties herself, Cain starts to come to. Lee is one step ahead, though. She stabs Cain in the neck and rushes out.

AHS Season 6 Episode 8 Lee and Cain

Audrey and Monet, meanwhile, are dealing with Ishmael and Lot Polk. The Polks take teeth, because they’re the only things that can’t burn, and they want the girls’ teeth. Going after Monet’s first, Lot breaks the chair. As he rushes out to get Mama, Monet has the chance to beat Ishmael and run out of the barn—promising Audrey that she will come back.

Ishmael and Lot go after Monet, while Mama deals with Audrey. Audrey looses a tooth, just as Lee turns up and hits Mama. Now that Audrey is free, she can’t help but beat Mama in the head, very similar to the way that Shelby beat Matt.

Rather than get off the land, Audrey and Lee rush back to the house through the tunnel. Initially crying over Matt, Lee decides that she needs to find Shelby. Once they get to the bathroom and find Shelby dead, they instantly blame Dominic for everything. After all, he’s the only one alive and is holding the knife that Shelby used to kill herself.

Lee kicks Dominic out of the bedroom and slams the door in his face. Audrey sees Piggy just as the do shuts, who just happens to kill Dominic right at the doorway. The girls remain in the bedroom, as Audrey gives Lee some of her oxy to dull the pain in her leg.

Finally, daylight shines and the two girls have made it through the night alive. We don’t know what’s happened to Monet or the Polks, but for now Lee and Audrey can go outside. Just as they get to the door, Piggy is standing there. Except that it’s not Piggy. It’s just an actor dressed up as Piggy and we’ve all seen him before: it’s Dylan, who played the Butcher’s son in the documentary.

While we’ve lost two characters, we’ve had one more show up. Sarah Paulson is still going strong, so right now it looks very likely that she will be Ryan Murphy’s finale girl yet again, but next week is set to introduce more characters, including one hopefully played by Taissa Farmiga.

Tune in for more American Horror Story: Roanoke on Wednesdays at 10pm on FX.

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