Trump’s Rape Accuser Drops Federal Lawsuit for Third Time

A woman using the pseudonyms “Jane Doe” and “Katie Johnson” has again dropped a federal civil suit filed against Jeffery Epstein and Donald Trump, alleging rape and sexual assault by both men during the summer of 1994, when Jane Doe was 13-years-old.

Jane Doe dismisses lawsuit against Donald Trump and Jeffery Epstein; Copy of Court Document

Copy of Nov. 4, 2016, court document seeking dismissal of lawsuit against Donald Trump and Jeffery Epstein alleging rape.

Katie Johnson’s lead attorney, Thomas Meagher of New Jersey, filed the paperwork for a “voluntary dismissal” of the lawsuit on Friday, Nov. 4, 2016, one day after a press conference had been scheduled for Katie Johnson to go public with her accusations and step from behind the veil of anonymity granted to those alleging sexual assault. Lisa Bloom, the attorney supporting Katie Johnson in her efforts to go public with her identity, explained Johnson canceled the press conference due to death threats she had received.

Johnson had initially filed a federal lawsuit in California in April 2016, where the court dismissed the case, citing that the lawsuit did not raise valid claims under federal law; that lawsuit was filed without an attorney. A second lawsuit, filed in New York in June, was later withdrawn in September for failure to serve the defendants of the suit with required notifications. A third suit, filed again in New York, by Meagher on behalf of Johnson, was done later in September and is the civil suit that was withdrawn on November 4, 2016.

Donald Trump had always denied the allegations brought about in the suits, saying through his attorney, Alan Garten in September 2016:

“It is categorically untrue. It is completely frivolous. It is baseless. It is irresponsible..I won’t even discuss the merits because it gives it credibility that it doesn’t deserve.”

At this time, Meagher, attorney for the yet anonymous Katie Johnson, has issued no further comment on the dismissal of the lawsuit. Lisa Bloom, the attorney who showed support for Johnson’s lawsuit and arranged the press conference for November 3, left no explanation on Twitter:


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