It’s the Quarterfinals on DWTS

It’s a showstopper of an episode on “Dancing with the Stars” as the six remaining couples perform dances to Showstopper tunes. It’s the quarterfinals as the weeks count down to crowning a new mirror ball winner.


The Showstopping show began with a group performance by the pro dancers to “On Broadway” with choreography by Mandy Moore.

Head judge Len Goodman is still in England but a guest judge joins Julianne, Carrie Ann, and Bruno at the judge’s table this week with Broadway performer Idina Menzel.

Along with the Broadway musical showstoppers this week, the couples will also dance in the Team Up Challenge.

First on the dance floor is Marilu and Derek with a Samba to “Oh What a Night” from “Jersey Boys”. Two time Mirrorball Trophy winner Mark Ballas returns to the ballroom with his “Jersey Boys” cast mates to perform the song. Host Tom Bergeron noted that Marilu looked like she was having a good time. Indina said that Marilu did an amazing job and looked like she was having a great time. Calling it a real Samba, Julianne said that Marilu looked like she was having the time of her life. Bruno called the dance bright and sizzling as a mid summer’s day; adding that the dance had plenty of Samba and they put the bounce in. Carrie Ann noted that this week the partnership came together; adding that Marilu gave her best and it was fun to watch. Marilu and Derek scored 36 points for their dance.

Calvin and Lindsay performed a Waltz to “Memory” from “Cats” with a live performance by “Cats” performer Leona Lewis. During the week Calvin and Lindsay traveled to New York and rehearsed a few dance moves from the show in costume. Tom said that it was wonderful having Leona there; adding he loved how Calvin owned the cat outfit. Julianne said that Calvin owned it, was smooth and had grace; adding that she loved Calvin’s level of commitment. Julianne called the dance one of Calvin’s best. Bruno called the dance majestic like a Siberian tiger; adding that Calvin maintained the phrasing in the dance which is very difficult with that song. Carrie Ann noted that Calvin and Lindsay are dancing as one and finish the phrasing with each other; but said that it was not Calvin’s best dance musically, noting that he got a little ahead of the music in one spot. Indina called Calvin an amazing greaceful dancer. Erin said that the dance was gorgeous. Calvin and Lindsay scored 37 points for their dance.

James is still in limbo with his partners. Sharna has finally been cleared by her doctor but it is extremely risky for her to dance because one wrong move could result in a major injury. Again this week James dances with Jenna. The duo performed a Jazz routine to “Brand New Day” from the musical “The Wiz”. Bruno called James a great wizard and a wonderful dancer; adding that James has versatility, skill, and natural flow. Bruno noted that James was nearly perfect – he had one little misstep. Carrie Ann also noted that James missed one little step but came back with a vengeance. Idina said that James looked hot in green; adding she would share the stage with James anytime. Julianne noted that she called it weeks ago and said that James should be on Broadway. James and Jenna scored 36 points for their dance.

Terra and Sasha performed a Charleston to “If My Friends Could See Me Now” from “Sweet Charity”. In her video package, Terra noted that there were a lot of steps that she could not do and they had to adapt to her abilities. Carrie Ann said that Terra out performed everybody; adding that Terra brings it every time. Calling Terra supremely talented, Idina said that it was all about the spirit and how she felt; not what Terra could or could not do. Calling Terra a great performer, Bruno said that Terra was going for the Tony. Terra and Sasha scored 38 points for their dance.

Mark Ballas as Frankie Vallie returns to the dance floor with his “Jersey Boys” cast mates to perform “Sherry”.

Jana and Gleb perform a Waltz to music from the Sara Bareilles musical “Waitress”. During the week Gleb had a knee injury and Alan stood in for rehearsals. Tom called it a beautiful dance; adding that it was lovely. Idina said that there was so much complexity in the dance. Julianne called the dance beautiful storytelling; adding that Jenna performed from her heart. Bruno said with that kind of service Jana was going to earn a lot of tips; adding that she was focused and it was like watching a movie. Jana and Gleb earned their first perfect score of 40 points.

The final dance of round one was a saucy Argentine Tango from Laurie and Val to “Cell Block Tango” from the musical “Chicago”. Laurie and Val traveled to New York to meet with the cast and learn about the character and dance. Julianne said that it was the perfect dance to show off Laurie’s strengths. Bruno said that Laurie was guilty of killing that Tango, had the flexibility of a rubber band, and the precision of a laser. Carrie Ann said that she saw Laurie as a gymnast who worked Val like the balance beam and the bar. Idina said that Laurie never has to worry about being sexy; adding that she was amazing. Erin said that Laurie handled the role perfectly. Laurie and Val also earned a perfect score for their dance.

Guest judge Idina Menzel performs her new single “Queen of Swords”.

Showstopper scores:
Marilu and Derek – 36
James and Sharna/Jenna – 36
Calvin and Lindsay – 37
Terra and Sasha – 38
Jana and Gleb – 40
Laurie and Val – 40

In the team up challenge, couples are paired up and must perform the same dance with the stars performing side by side without their pro partners for 30 seconds.

The teams:
James and Sharna/Jenna and Calvin and Lindsay
Marilu and Derek and Terra and Sasha
Laurie and Val and Jana and Gleb

Calvin, Lindsay, James, and Jenna performed a Paso Doble playing the roles as sheriff and bandit. Calling it a season spoilier, Bruno said that was how it was going to end; adding the performance was very entertaining and strong. Carrie Ann loved the energy; noting that the guys went with their strengths. Idina said all she saw was how hot the two guys were. Julianne said that she wished that was how all guys dealth with their problems – a Paso Doble; adding that the guys rocked it. The pairs earned 37 points for their dance.

Marilu, Derek, Terra, and Sasha performed a Jazz dance. During the week Derek had other obligations and Artem stood in to lend a hand. Tom noted that they had a heap of energy. Saying that they went for it, Carrie Ann noted the side by side work; adding that they hit the mark of the challenge. Idina said that it was so much fun; adding that everybody hit their marks. Saying talk about a showstopper, Julianne said the dancewas so fun and she loved the energy. Bruno called the dance kooky, whacky, great fun, and anything goes. The couples earned 36 point for their dance.

Laurie, Val, Jana, and Gleb performed a Contemporary dance to the music of Sia. With various obligations the team did not come together for a rehearsal until camera blocking on Sunday. Tom said great job guys; adding that the overall chemistry was great. After thanking the show for inviting her, Idina called the dance beautiful and a magical dance. Julianne loved the approach; adding that it was amazing with amazing choreography and they did the song justice. Bruno called the girls two little birds who have reached new heights; adding that the dance was powerful and touching. Carrie Ann said that they took teamwork to another level. The quartet earned a perfect score of 40 for their dance.

Team Up Challenge scores:
Terra, Sasha, Marilu, and Derek – 36
James, Jenna, Calvin, and Linsay – 37
Laurie, Val,Jana, and Gleb – 40


Total scores:
Marilu and Derek – 36 + 36 = 72
James and Sharna/Jenna – 36 + 37 = 73
Calvin and Lindsay – 37 + 37 = 74
Terra and Sasha – 38 + 36 = 74
Jana and Gleb – 40 + 40 = 80
Laurie and Val – 40 + 40 = 80

Laurie and Val, Terra and Sasha, James and Sharna/Jenna, and Calvin and Lindsay are all safe this week and moving on to the semi finals. Marilu and Derek and Jana and Gleb are in jeopardy.

The couple going home this week was Marilu and Derek.

Next week it’s the semi finals.

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