Shooting Near Polling Station In Asuza, California

Earlier this afternoon there was a shooting in Asuza, California.  One person is dead and multiple people have been injured at the time of this report.

The shooting incident occurred at approximately 2:02 PM on the 300 block of North Orange Avenue.  Police arrived to find several wounded shooting victims and a heavily armed person in a white shirt, black pants, and black vest.  Shots were fired at the police and returned. No officers have been injured.

The Independent reported,

The shooting took place in a residential neighbourhood about 2pm local time. Azusa Police said on Twitter that there had been one fatality and two people were transported to hospital by helicopter in critical condition, with one additional victim “down” at the “primary residence” where the incident took place.

There are two polling stations in the area as well as a daycare and a pre-school.  The shooting did not occur in the shooting stations. The polling stations, daycare and pre-school were all locked down while the police attempted to get the situation under control. Slauson Middle and Mountain View Elementary schools were also locked down.

Details about the incident are minimal at this time but several witness have spoken out.

According to the L.A. Times, witness, 67 year old Robert Chavez said,

…he recognized the man as someone who frequently visits and hangs out at his neighbor’s home. He didn’t know the man’s name. He said some of the victims appeared to be neighbors in the area.

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