‘Arrow’ Recap: Season 5 Episode 6 ‘So It Begins’

Killing Church off last week was a major message from Arrow. While he was a great villain, there was something better. Will Arrow deliver on that promise?

If you missed last week’s episode or just need a refresher, you can catch up with the Arrow recap of “Human Target.” From this point, there are major spoilers from this week’s episode.

We’ll start with the flashback, which has nothing to do with this week’s storyline. Oliver is still with Bratva, being taught by Anatoly. Oliver is learning about how to build a bomb, but this doesn’t work out when Oliver accidentally detonates it in a bar. The accident leads to Kovar declaring war on Bratva, and Oliver needs to pretend to be a rich American investor to blow up a casino Kovar is opening.

This leads to Oliver and his Bratva partner getting captured by Kovar. With a snap of the partner’s neck, the Kovar man tells Oliver that he knows all about Mr. Queen. Despite not fitting in with the rest of the storyline, I’m intrigued at where this flashback storyline is going.

Arrow S5E6 So It Begins

Now for the present day, and let’s start with that big villain. The team know about Prometheus now and are out tracking him to start the week off. Prometheus doesn’t want to be found, but makes it clear that he will do this dance with them. The title of the episode becomes clear when the Green Arrow finds the words “SO IT BEGINS” on the ground after an explosion.

Felicity wants everyone else to know about Prometheus. The only problem is only Oliver and Diggle know, and they’re not sure if the Baby Team Arrow is ready to know more. They won’t forget that Rene doesn’t hold up well under torture.

Instead, Oliver has mayoral duties to do, and that includes an interview with Susan Williams. Thea is worried about her brother’s career and Lance’s sobriety, but Oliver makes it clear that he hasn’t done anything…at least, not yet. That doesn’t sound good.

Arrow S5E6 Prometheus

As for Thea, she wants to throw a festival to get more tourists in. That gives her a little project for the episode. This later turns into Thea finding out that Lance is still drinking, and he doesn’t want to be helped. Please can we give these two something more interesting to do?

Prometheus has other stuff to do, first killing a mom simply vacuuming her home and a cab driver. Diggle wants Felicity to get info from her cop boyfriend about the throwing stars used in the murders, but Felicity reminds Diggle that Billy knows nothing about Felicity’s secret activities.

Well, that doesn’t stop Felicity from going into SCPD to talk to Billy. She lies about a friend involved in a crime—well, it’s not exactly a lie that she has a friend involved in a crime, but not the crime that she’s lying about. Poor Felicity and Billy. Billy sees through it all and goes off with one of the throwing stars that’s been gained for evidence.

Arrow S5E6 Prometheus

Prometheus gets the news nickname “The Throwing Star Killer,” and the deaths make headlines. Of course, the city panics and Oliver decides that it is time to get it all under control with the rest of his team. There’s a situation at a farmers market, and Team Arrow is in to get the innocent people out. With that over and done with, the team regroups to hear about the new serial killer. It doesn’t take long for the baby members to learn that the adults didn’t trust them enough with the Prometheus information.

Felicity is able to find out why Prometheus chose his victims. The names are anagrams of the names from Oliver’s original list. You remember the one from way back in Arrow Season 1?

It’s only now that the team find out about Oliver’s past activities. Did they not ever hear about it all from the news five years ago? Have they not done their research now? Rene isn’t happy to hear that he’s the one out of control but Oliver is the one with a ‘to kill’ list. That’s understandable, but there are some serious plot holes in this reveal.

Oliver quickly shuts the conversation down, especially when Evelyn is angry that she wasn’t allowed to kill those who killed her family. Felicity comes to the rescue to help nip this conversation in the bud, sharing that she’ll find the other names. No surprise, she gets the possible targets quite quickly.

The rest of the team still aren’t happy. Evelyn isn’t sure if she can work in the field with this distrust, and Rene is very angry about all the secrecy and this new knowledge that Oliver is a serial killer.

Arrow S5E6 Baby Arrow

Diggle tries to talk some sense into Oliver, who is upset about the teams’ reactions. What did he expect? The conversation moves onto Oliver killing Damien Darhk and Church’s men. Diggle does share that those were good kills and not just out of rage. Those deaths were very different to the ones five years ago. Old Oliver killed out of anger and pain, and never stopped to think about his actions. He’s grown over the years thanks to his friends.

Prometheus is there on a subway where Artemis is looking after one of the potential victims. The two fight, but Artemis has already shut off communications with Felicity. Felicity is so worried that she sends the Green Arrow in to help, who is there just in time to save people. Well, that would be fine if Prometheus didn’t leave a bomb behind on the cart. Oliver needs to get everyone out of the cart, which he does manage to do.

Arrow S5E6 Subway

With Evelyn saved, Oliver promises to get all the other targets into witness protection. He also promises that everyone will be informed right away with important information. Apology done and Evelyn promises to wait to get her revenge.

Felicity has also decide to be honest, telling Billy that she works with the Green Arrow. Keeping it cool, Billy understands her decision and it’s clear that he just wants to know more about the man in the hood.

The episode closes with the festival that Thea wanted to throw. Lance isn’t there, but Thea covers for him. Felicity does have news though: the throwing stars have different genetic markers, meaning Prometheus has a lot of different arrows used by Oliver in previous years and he’s making his own weapons out of them. This bad guy is making it all personal but also has access to lockup.

Arrow S5E6 Team

We do end with a red-herring of Lance being Prometheus. As much as that could make sense, there’s more in me that says it really isn’t the case. What I do wonder is whether Prometheus wants Lance to join his side in taking Oliver Queen down.

Arrow Season 5 continues on Wednesdays at 8pm on the CW.

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