It’s the Semi Finals on DWTS

“Dancing with the Stars” has reached another semi finals with five couples – James and Sharna, Calvin and Lindsay, Terra and Sasha, Jana and Gleb and Laurie and Val – looking to make it to the finale.


James is reunited with Sharna for an Argentine Tango where he blindfolds her and she performs the dance blind and ends with James in a handstand. Host Tom Bergeron said the performance was amazing, adding that it looked like they didn’t know anyone else was in the room. Julianne called the performance sensational, adding that the dance was controlled, sexy, dynamic and passionate. Bruno said the race for the finals is on and it was not an Argentinian Tango but an Argentinian Grand Prix, adding there was skill and trust in the partnering with no unnecessary moves and it was spot on. Carrie Ann said that James nailed the risky parts but wobbled a bit in the beginning. James and Sharna scored 29 points on their dance.

Terra and Sasha performed a Rumba that brought tears to the eyes of Carrie Ann and Sasha. Bruno said that Terra really was terrific with movement, fluidity, great content and great hip action. Carrie Ann said that Terra took her breath away, adding that it was a beautiful Rumba with every movement executed with the utmost care. Julianne said that they were filled with emotion, adding the dance had hip action and she saw moves that she had not seen Terra do all season. Terra and Sasha earned a perfect score of 30 for their dance.

Jana and Gleb performed a Quickstep. Carrie Ann noted that it was a little bit of a rough start in the beginning, but the rest of the dance was beautiful. Carrie Ann noted that Jana has grown the most this season. Noting that you can tell it’s the semi finals, Julianne said that they did a proper Quickstep. Agreeing that it was a proper Quickstep, Bruno said that the dance was elegant, glamorous and full of content. Jana and Gleb scored 28 points for their dance.

Next up was Calvin and Lindsay with a Tango. Calling the dance great, Julianne said they had attack, passion, and the chemistry was on fire. Bruno noted that Jana went for it with power and determination even though he had a few stumbles. Carrie Ann loved that Calvin tried for the high content but felt Calvin overpowered Lindsay. Calvin and Lindsay had the lowest score of the night with 26 points.

Laurie and Val finished out the first round with an emotional Foxtrot. Laurie’s grandma died last week, one day after an interview with her. Carrie Ann said that the dance had incredible content and Laurie delivered it with so much passion. Julianne said that the performance exceeded what Laurie is and the dance celebrated her grandma’s life. Bruno said that Laurie looked like she was flying and being guided by an angel, adding that she executed every step brilliantly and was stunning. Tom said that it was the most amazing display of courage he had seen in 23 seasons. Laurie and Val earned a perfect score for their dance.

Individual round scores:
Calvin and Lindsay – 26
Jana and Gleb – 28
James and Sharna – 29
Terra and Sasha – 30
Laurie and Val – 30

In round two, the trio dances return and for James and Sharna the choice of a third partner was an easy one – Jenna, the person who stood in when Sharna was out. With a little help from James’ race car, the trio performed a Jive that had the house raising the roof. Noting the hop pit crew, Julianne said that James was so in sync and on time. Bruno said that James was still in top gear and never lost timing, adding that he loved it. Carrie Ann noted that they were so in unison. James and Sharna earned a perfect score for their trio dance and a total of 59 points for the night.

Terra and Sasha chose Artem for the trio Tango that had Tom saying they did a great job. Bruno called Terra a saucy little little vixen, adding that she had some attitude and framed so well. Bruno noted that the guys were so balanced and looked like the shadow of each other. Carrie Ann said that it was a fine-tuned Tango and Terra slayed it. Singing “This girl is on fire,, Julianne said that she loves watching Terra. Terra and Sasha earned their second perfect score of the night for a perfect total of 60 points.

Jana and Gleb chose Alan, the man who stepped in to help out when Gleb was injured, for a Paso Doble. A blown away Carrie Ann said that Jana was true artistry in motion, adding that Jana was never in more control. Julianne said that there was a fire in Jana they had never seen. Bruno called Jana a mistress of the dark arts and a she-devil from the enchanted forest. Jana and Gleb continued the parade of perfect scores for a total of 58 points.

Calvin and Lindsay chose Lindsay’s best friend, Witney, for their trio Samba. Julianne called it one spicy Salsa that was pure fun. Bruno noted that Calvin was what DWTS was all about – getting people to get up and dance. Carrie Ann called the performance incredible and agreed that it was so much fun. Calvin and the “Doublemint twins” earned a perfect score for their trio dance and a total of 56 points.

The final dance of the night was a Samba trio from Laurie and the Chmerkovskiy brothers – Val and Maks. Bruno called the performance that told the story of a dance competition deliciously theatrical, adding that it was another super dance. Calling the performance incredible, Carrie Ann said that it was by far Laurie’s best dance. Julianne called Laurie a proper Latin dancer. Laurie and Val finished out the round of perfect scores with their second perfect score for a total of 60 points.

Trio round scores:
James, Sharna, and Jenna – 30
Terra, Sasha, and Artem – 30
Jana, Gleb, and Alan – 30
Calvin, Lindsay, and Witney – 30
Laurie and Val – 30

Total Scores:
Calvin and Lindsay – 26 + 30 = 56
Jana and Gleb – 28 + 30 = 58
James and Sharna – 29 + 30 = 59
Terra and Sasha – 30 + 30 = 60
Laurie and Val – 30 30 = 60

Finally time for results…
The first couple in the finals was Laurie and Val. Joining them will be James and Sharna and Jana and Gleb. Calvin and Lindsay and Terra and Sasha are in jeopardy with one couple going home a week shy of the finals.

The couple going home this week is…



…Terra ans Sasha.
Calvin and Lindsay finish out the couples in the finals.

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