Parts of UK Hit by Tornadoes, Wales and Midlands Affected

Wales and other parts of the UK have been hit with tornadoes, causing damage to both buildings and cars. The tornadoes struck on November 17, causing the overturning of around 20 caravans. So far there have been no injries reported.

Aberystwyth in Wales was the seaside town to bear the brunt of the tornadoes, although other parts of Wales and the Midlands in England have been hit. Winds of up to 94mph were recorded, and a yellow warning has been issued. The strong winds are moving east in the UK, and experts believe that the northern parts of the Midlands will be most likely hit over the course of the rest of Thursday.

People in Wales have been recommended to remain indoors. The winds are still high, and there is the danger of flying debris. The damage has been to property, including houses and cars. There are no reports of injuries (human or animal) as of yet.

While the worst was spotted in Aberystwyth, Shropshire and Lemington Spa both saw tornadoes hit the ground. This type of weather is very unusual for the UK, although it is not the first time a tornado has formed.

Twitter is alive with reports of the tornadoes, with some areas now without power. Stay tuned for more updates on the wild weather in parts of the UK.


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