‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Season 8 Episode 5 ‘Coming Home Was a Mistake’

“Coming Home Was a Mistake” involved the driving of Tyler’s body back to Mystic Falls. It’s time for the token human to deliver the bad news to his friends.

If you need to catch up, don’t forget the previous The Vampire Diaries recap to help. There are major spoilers from this point.

“Coming home was a mistake,” Stefan told Elena way back in Season 1. It was a time that he was leaving town, despite Elena being happy to handle his vampire life. Too many people had died, and that’s just what is happening here. Of course, it seems that the idea of coming home being a mistake was Tyler’s last thoughts before he died. It’s really aimed at Matt. Was his decision to return home a mistake?

There’s something that feels off about Tyler’s death. After him not being a series regular since Season 6—and not really a regular then—he appears and just dies. And his friends really aren’t happy with this. It’s worth remembering that Tyler is the last Lockwood. That family line is now as dead as the Salvatore one—considering Sarah’s death and since Damon and Stefan can’t procreate. The Gilbert line is almost gone, the Forbes line is done, and the Bennett line doesn’t have that much hope if Bonnie is going to remain with Enzo.

So, the Founding Families are coming to an end. But Stefan isn’t focusing on that. He’s angry that Tyler became collateral damage. He meant more to everyone than that, even the fans that didn’t exactly love Tyler. Stefan just doesn’t know how to deal with Tyler, but Caroline reminds him that it’s not about Damon right now. They need to mourn Tyler.

Bonnie isn’t exactly in a mourning mood. She’s trapped Enzo in a “flame of imprisonment,” which is some type of dark object. Since she lit the flame, only she can put it out and she isn’t going to do that until Enzo turns his humanity back on. Well, he’s not going to do that but at least he won’t make too many grave mistakes right now.

Meanwhile, Sybil is still at the Armory, where Ric is testing the tuning fork hourly over the intercom system to torture her. It does mean that Ric can actually mourn Tyler’s death at the funeral. That’s where Damon is waiting for them, with graves for Stefan, Caroline, Ric, and Matt.

To make matters worse, Damon feeds Matt vampire blood and threatens to kill him. After all these years, is The Vampire Diaries really going to turn poor Matt? Well, Damon doesn’t go through with it because he can feel how much everyone else hates him. There is no saving him now, and with that it’s clear why he killed Tyler. He has cut ties and is getting everyone to let go of him.

There’s a hint of humanity. He cares so much about the people who love him that he doesn’t want them ruining their lives for him. There would be an unselfish moment in that, except he killed Tyler to do it.

Stefan decides that he needs to put his brother down for as long as he needs to protect everyone.

At the Armory, Damon pays Sybil a visit. She realizes that he felt pain killing Tyler, clearly allowing his humanity to turn back on. She knows that it means Damon isn’t completely hers, so she gives him an option: turn his humanity off completely or find some sort of happiness before Cade comes for him.

While Matt takes his frustrations out on dear old dad at the Lockwood mansion, there’s a special delivery. The package comes from the Armory with Tyler’s handwriting. If Matt is reading this then Tyler must be dead. It’s a little cliché, but moving on from that…

Tyler wasn’t doing nothing while away from Mystic Falls. He was looking for the sirens, and found Seline. So, Matt decides he needs to stick around now to finish what Tyler had started.

As for Seline, she is with the twins at the carnival. At the same carnival, Stefan meets his brother to put him down. That’s when Damon desperately asks for help.

You see, Damon doesn’t want to go to hell. He has to serve Sybil if he does that, but he doesn’t really want to. And if he’s going to hell, then why bother feeling anything and trying to be good? Stefan tries to get through to his brother telling Damon that he loves him. Yes, it’s the first time either Salvatore brother has said that to each other. All Stefan wants is for his brother to come home.

When Damon won’t, Stefan has to move onto putting his brother down. Damon catches the bullet and that’s when Caroline shoots Damon in the back with vervain. There is something so very Season 1 feeling with the use of the vervain like this.

So, Damon is now chained and in the coffin, while Seline is getting the twins to burn Georgie’s body. The police finally come across the body and end up calling Ric’s second intern. Sybil now has her change to get out, grab the tuning fork, and get Damon. Damon has decided to give himself over to Sybil completely.

Bonnie does get one win for the team. When Caroline tells Bonnie that forcing someone to face their greatest fear is the best way to flip humanity switch back on, Bonnie decides to step into the cabin and set it alight. With her and Enzo trapped until Enzo flips his switch back on, he has to face this fear of abandonment because Bonnie isn’t leaving. She’ll die to save him.

Enzo flips the switch back on and saves Bonnie. She even rushes back into the cabin to get the candle for that flame spell. They both get out alive.

After that, there’s another The Vampire Diaries Season 1 memory. While all at the carnival, Stefan tells them something he told Elena at the top of the Ferris wheel: they need to appreciate the good moments when they get them. So, they all agree to take time to appreciate them all and Stefan gives them a private moment in the carnival.

Caroline has her change to remind Stefan of something he told her: the only way to get through the existence is to remind yourself you are strong enough. It’s a chance to tell Stefan that he is strong enough to deal with everything that is happening right now.

Caroline finds Matt to find out where her “nanny” is. When Matt sees a photo, he remembers the picture fromTyler’s box. By the time Caroline and Ric get home, the twins are gone and there’s just a drawing of Cade and Seline with the twins.

While the Tyler appearance has been wasted and annoying, at least there was a real episode to mourn him. Now I have to wonder if there is any way of saving Damon when he was completely given himself over to Sybil and Cade.

There’s no The Vampire Diaries Season 8 this week. The show will return the week after at 8pm on the CW.

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