On This Day in History: November 23

On November 23, riots caused the Miss World pageant location to be moved. Here’s a look at events from history today.

1499: The Execution of Perkin Warbeck

Perkin WarbeckOn this day in history, Perkin Warbeck was executed. His crime was treason, after declaring that he was the presumed dead younger son of Edward IV of England, Richard, Duke of York. After being arrested and tortured, Warbeck admitted to being a man from Belgium. He had pretended to be young Richard, who is believed to have died while imprisoned in the Tower of London in 1483. Tudor lovers enjoy debating over whether Warbeck was the imposter or actually young Richard.

1990: Death of Roald Dahl

Today in history, the world mourned the death of Roald Dahl. He is best known for the creation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, although also wrote many other best-selling children’s books, including James and the Giant Peach and The Gremlins (yes, it was a book before a movie). He also wrote a number of screenplays, including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. While he sold the rights to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for a movie to be created, he was critical of it and decided against selling the rights to the book’s sequel Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.

2002: Miss World Forced Out of Nigeria By RiotsRoald Dahl

In history today, the Miss World contest was forced out of Nigeria due to riots by Muslim youths. The Muslims rioting opposed the show, but the show producers wanted to make sure that it still went on. The pageant was moved to London, England, where it would be shown on December 7 instead. All contestants had been pressured to drop out of the competition, but stuck with it and arrived in London safely the next day. However, 215 people in Nigeria died due to the riots.

Famous Birthdays on November 23

President of the United States Franklin Pierce—1804

U.S. fleet commander-in-chief during World War II Ernest King—1878

Frankenstein actor Boris Karloff—1887

Comedian Adolph Arthur Marx—1888

Poet Gloria Whelan—1923

Civil rights activist Andrew Goodman—1943

High School Musical actor Lucas Grabeel—1984

Singer Miley Cyrus—1992


Featured image from Deposit Photos

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