The Electoral College Needs to Go or be Revamped

The Electoral College Needs to Change

Once again, the person who won the popular vote will not be the next President of the United States. It was only in 2000 when Democrat Al Gore lost the election to Republican George W Bush even though Gore triumphantly in the popular vote. So again, a Republican has won an election that he actually lost. So, you wonder, are the people getting ripped off or is the Constitutional provision called the Electoral College the right solution for these trying times?

For those who say the Electoral College is a must and should never be tampered with, the question then is why? For those who say the E.C should never be tampered with what about the history of the E.C? It was born out a racist and elitist society that decided African Americans, or slaves as they were back when this Constitution was being drawn in 1787, would only count as 5/8th of a human being and the only reason they were only being counted at all was so the south did not have the population of the major cities of the north. Ever wonder why the first 5 Presidents of the United States all came from Virginia? The majority of the E. C votes were awarded to Virginia even though they counted the slaves as part of the population, but of course they weren’t allowed to vote or participate.

The other problem with the E.C. Is the award of how many votes a state receives for their part of the E.C. Vote. For example, Wyoming receives 3 votes for the population of 584,153 (2014). So in simple math each vote represents 194,718 people. Now the big talk is about California, which receives 54 votes for a population of 38.8 million (2014). Simple math again shows that for each of the votes that California receives it represents 690,900 people. So how is that fair? By continuing the Electoral College voters end up disillusioned and fed up with a system that does not represent all.

In Maine and in Nebraska, the only two states who do not play the winner takes all with their Electoral College votes, should become models for the rest of the country. The winner takes all concept which 48 states still use ends up deliberately throwing away the cast ballots of that state’s voters. If 49.9 percent of the population votes one way, why should they not have a say in where those E. C votes go to? We are told how important election day is and how important it is for citizens to be involved in the election process by why bother when you learn your vote doesn’t count for nothing?

The winner takes all rational can be taken two ways. One is the popular vote makes the decision on who the President of the United States should be or make the electoral college vote dependent of each state to be given out, not in a winner take all directives but in a split of votes. The votes should be distributed according to who won by what percent. In other words, Trump only won Pennsylvania by less than 70,000 votes. In a fair system such as in Maine, Trump won have won a small majority but the voters who supported Hillary Clinton would end up with a percentage of the vote so they are adequately represented by the voters of the Electoral College.
The Electoral College needs to either be eliminated or at least changed to be fair to all the voters. The Electoral College needs to change because the way the system is today; it allows the election of a President who does not have the support of a majority of voters.

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