‘Chicago Fire’ Recap: Season 5 Episode 7 ‘Lift Each Other Up’

What do you do when you spot someone with unexplainable bruises? Cruz has to take his concerns to his boss in Chicago Fire this week, while Casey deals with questions over his actions when saving a child.

If you missed the last Chicago Fire episode, you can catch up with the recap. From this point, there are spoilers.

Every 10 years, the Dawson parents throw a family anniversary party. Gabi brings it up while she and Casey double date with her brother and Brett. Of course, Antonio hasn’t said anything to Brett yet, so she says she will check her calendar and get back to him. She’s clearly unhappy with Antonio keeping it from her.

James shares that he would like to finish up senior year with Boden, and we know this will be a bigger story. In fact, Cruz sees a range of bruises over James’ body, all hinting at abuse. Cruz decides to talk to Severide, but the call stops them.

They’re called to a warehouse with a broken door window. They’re warned of screaming, and when they get in they hear someone shouting for help.There’s a young boy laid on the floor, who shares that he and his friend were playing Avengers. They jumped but the friend is caught in the air by his leg.

While Dawson and Brett help the first young boy, the firefighters work on getting the other boy down.  While Casey holds up the boy to get his blood circulating, Severide has to release the boy’s foot from the metal he’s trapped in. The firefighters watch as Casey performs CPR, hoping they can bring him back, despite being blue all over. They help him, but James is left broken as he watches the boy being taken out—yes, Casey did manage to bring him back!

It turns out Herrmann signed Molly’s up for a mud run event, and needs Stella and Otis to hand out T-shirts. Herrmann walks off before they can argue with him.

Now Cruz gets the chance to talk to Severide about the bruises. Severide agrees to talk to James discreetly to find out what’s going on. Severide does try to get information from James, but James says that everything is fine and then they get another call.

Meanwhile, Brett isn’t that annoyed that she wasn’t invited. Brett is actually worried about meeting the Dawsons.  While at the hospital, Dawson hears that the young boy who was hanging upside down is in the ICU. It turns out that he went into a coma on the way to Chicago Med.

The second call of the night is to a car that has ended up partially under a truck. The truck driver is blaming the female driver, and James can’t handle the anger coming from the driver. He has clearly been abused.

As they open the car door, the male passenger jumps out and starts beating up the truck driver. James just stands and watches the assault, frozen to the spot. Severide keeps an eye on the boy, while getting the female driver out of the car. When he checks on James, James flinches and Severide knows there is more.

Stella and Otis end up being pulled into actually doing the mud race, with the firefighters putting bets on their favorites.

Severide isn’t there, since he is paying a visit to the chief. While the chief complains about people pushing healthy eating, Severide wants to know if Boden is worried about James at all. It’s refreshing that the jump hasn’t been made on Boden for abuse, and they leave Boden to do further research.

Around the trucks, Wylie’s father turns up with a gift for Firehouse 51. The boy is still in a coma, but the father clearly just needs some answers. It’s heartbreaking for any parent to watch, but certainly for Dawson and Casey as they learn to adjust to having a child in the house.

Casey talks to Severide, feeling like he is to blame for what happened to Wylie. Severide sets him straight—it wasn’t Casey’s fault at all. Considering the two were at loggerheads two weeks ago, it’s great to see them as friends again.

As James is leaving the next morning, Boden tries to find out if James is okay. James says that he wants to stay—everyone makes a difference.

At the hospital, Casey decides to stop in and see how Wylie is. It turns out the boy died during the night before, and Maggie says that Casey gave the family a chance to say goodbye.

Boden decides to take the conversation to James’ mom. She agrees to letting James stay at Boden’s, since he is barely at home anymore. Before he leaves, Boden does ask about how James is doing at school. It’s clear there is something going on, but not who is doing it.

Casey gets home but decides not to break the news to Dawson while she’s getting ready for her parents’ anniversary dinner. At the dinner, Antonio says that he tried to call his mom back but there was no answer. He’s visibly worried, and Gabi throws it off as nerves about the night.

While their dad starts his speech, he decides that he can’t pretend anymore. They’re getting divorced, and he decides to break it to everyone. An angry Antonio has to be pulled away from Casey and family members, while Gabi rushes out of the room in shock. Casey tries to help her through it, and all she needs right that second is a hug from him.

Back at Molly’s, Stella and Otis show up covered in mud. It turns out that Otis won, and the two also convinced all the mud-covered participants to come to Molly’s for after-race drinks.

At Boden’s, James is interacting with the family and Boden and Donna agree to James staying for the rest of the school year. There are rules in the house, and one of those is speaking honestly. That leads to Boden asking about the bruises, which catches James out. He doesn’t want to talk about it, so decides to lie about a stairwell that wasn’t salted. He says he fell in front of everyone, but Boden and Donna know that he’s lying.

It doesn’t take long for James to go back to Boden to tell the truth. This isn’t a school problem, but a home problem. Boden goes straight to the restaurant to find James’ mom’s new boyfriend and starts beating him in front of everyone. Boden is suspended for a shift, because of the reasoning behind the assault.

As Brett tries to talk to Gabi about the event the night before, they get a call to a man who has fallen into a truck of gravel and is sinking. Casey isn’t going to let someone else die on his watch, and does everything he can to grab the man’s hand while the rest of the team get the equipment needed to get him out. The weight of the grain stops the man from breathing, and Casey gets his team to work faster to clear it all out. All Casey can do is watch as they take him to Chicago Med and hope they can save him. That’s when Gabi finds out from Maggie that Wylie died and Casey never said anything.

While at home, Boden gets a visit from James’ mom, who says she had no idea what Todd was doing. Todd did at least admit to it, and there’s a chance for her to apologize to James for everything. James decides that he will go with his mom to make sure she’s okay, and Boden isn’t going to say no.

At Molly’s the firefighters throw Boden a suspension party, as Gabi makes her way back home to Casey. She’s not angry he never told her. She got that he was more worried about her, and she love him for that. Most TV shows would make it a bone of contention between the two of them, so it’s refreshing to see that.

It was a heartbreaking episode for Casey—and any parents watching it—but a lot of focus on how that made him work harder to save the next victim. There were also moments where TV shows would jump to conclusions, but Chicago Fire has focused on the family and allow the victims to speak before accusing them of anything.

Chicago Fire returns on Tuesday for the Season 5 midseason finale. Catch it at 10pm on NBC.

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