No Corset for Emma Watson in Her Role As Belle

The Belle of the upcoming and much-anticipated movie, “Beauty and The Beast,” will not be wearing a corset underneath those costume gowns. In her role as Belle, Emma Watson will bring beauty and an updated personality to the beloved character.

No Corset for Emma Watson in Her Role As Belle

Emma Watson plays Belle

Emma Watson, who had hands-on input into designing the fashions that grace “Beauty and the Beast, ” worked to also modernize the interpretation of the story. She and fashion designer Jaqueline Durran put their heads together to bring about a different take on the fashions Belle would be wearing.

And even though the corset has found its way back as a fashion accessory, i.e., Gigi Hadid on the runway, it is not the most comfortable as an undergarment or, as lately, an overgarment. Not only that, being at the demands of a corset just didn’t fit in really well with Belle’s new personality in the upcoming film.

As a known women’s rights proponent and an advocate for sustainable fashion, Watson will be adding a little independence and gumption to her starring role. Look for a more capable and sure-of-herself Belle in keeping with the times. She is a skilled inventor who has a strong interest in horseback riding.

When she’s not starring in a romantic fairytale like “Beauty and the Beast,” Emma supports sustainable fashion like ‘Zady,’ a fashion enterprise that is working hard on reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that the fashion industry spews out, apparently second only to the oil industry.

Zady clothing is attempting to fight the child and forced labor situation in many countries. Emma Watson will be showing off several pieces of the Zady collection as she attends different events this fall and winter and already has a collection, “Inspired by Emma Watson” within the company.

As an added treat, “Beauty and the Beast” viewers will be able to look forward to getting a first-hand gander at some of the Emma Watson-inspired costumes and designs we will see on Belle. Release date for the film is March 17, 2017.

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