Finalists Revealed on ‘The Voice’

It’s the final results show before a winner is crowned on “The Voice.” In the biggest cut since the beginning of the live shows, half of the remaining singers will be eliminated to reveal the final four singers.

The Voice

At the end of voting today, the top three spots of the iTunes overall singles charts were occupied by “The Voice” artists with team Adam’s Billy Gilman leading the way.

In the first results of the night…
…the first person moving on to the finals is team Adam’s Billy Gilman!!!

One Republic comes to “The Voice” stage for a performance of their newest single.

The top eight visit the set of the “Hairspray” live stage. Former “American Idol” contestant and award-winning performer, Jennifer Hudson, led the tour and answered questions from the singers.

In the next results…
…the next singer moving on to the finals is team Blake’s Sundance Head!!!

After a fan vote, last season’s team Pharrell’s Hannah Houston returns to “The Voice” stage for a performance.

In the final results before the instant save, the third artist moving on the the finals is…
…team Alicia’s We McDonald!!!

Four time “The Voice” winner coach Blake Shelton takes the stage for a performance of his new single “Guy with a Girl.”

In the final results, host Carson Daly reveals the names of the three artists who will be performing for fan votes and the final instant save of the season: Ali Caldwell, Josh Gallagher, and Christian Cuevas.

Aaron Gibson and Brendan Fletcher have been eliminated from the competition.

Up first was Christian Cuevas with the Bonnie Raitt hit “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” Alicia that there has never been an untrue moment out of Christian, adding that he deserves to be there.

Ali Caldwell performed “Sledgehammer.” Miley said that she didn’t know how Ali did what she did, but she pushed through.

And last up was Josh Gallagher with “I Drive Your Truck.” Coach Adam said that Josh has been getting better and better every week and believes that next week will be the best ever.

And after the Twitter instant save vote, the final person moving on to the finals is…





…Josh Gallagher from team Adam!!!
Ali Caldwell and Christian Cuevas are eliminated.


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