Linda McMahon, Former WWE CEO and $6 Million Donor to Trump Campaign, Named to Head Small Business Admin

President-elect Donald Trump has named former CEO of the Connecticut-based  World Wrestling Entertainment, Linda McMahon, to head the Small Business Administration. In a statement, Trump lauded the accomplishments of McMahon and that she “has a tremendous background and is widely recognized as one of the country’s top female executives advising businesses around the globe. She helped grow WWE from a modest 13-person operation to a publicly traded global enterprise with more than 800 employees in offices worldwide.”

McMahon stated that she considers it an honor to be nominated by President-elect Donald Trump, saying, “Our small businesses are the largest source of job creation in our country. I am honored to join the incredibly impressive economic team that President-elect Trump has assembled to ensure that we promote our country’s small businesses and help them grow and thrive.”

There is another possible reason for the appointment of McMahon and it is money. While investigating donors to the Trump Foundation, it was revealed that Linda McMahon and her husband, Vince McMahon, both well known for their development and founding of World Wrestling Entertainment, were, as a couple, one of the largest donors. The McMahon’s are longtime friends of Donald Trump who have donated $5 million over the last ten years to the Trump Foundation.

In fact the $5 million that the McMahons donated to the Trump Foundation came after Trump’s appearance at WrestleMania 23 in 2007. At that WrestleMania, a Trump representative (Bobby Lashley) fought a Vince McMahon representative (Umaga) in the the “Battle of the Billonaires.” The loser of the match was required to shave his head in defest. While Umaga lost, it was McMahon who had to get his head shaved bald. On top of the $5 million that the McMahons would donate to the Donald J. Trump Foundation, they also paid Trump personally an unspecified handsome amount.

There is also the big check that Linda McMahon wrote to the Trump campaign for President. That check was for $6 million. McMahon donated the money to a Super PAC, Rebuilding America Now, and her contribution last August made up nearly one third of the money raised . McMahon continued to back Trump even though many comments he made were sexist in nature. In an interview with Katie Couric, McMahon called his comments “deplorable” and “over the top” but said he was still her choice for president. One has to wonder though, if the nomination flies in the face of what Trump called out other politicians for, Pay to Play.

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