On This Day in History: December 10

What happened on this day in history? December 10 saw the first Nobel Prize awarded and the death of a celebrity in a plane crash.

Red Cross, Nobel Peace Prize

1898: The Spanish-American War Comes to an End

On this day in history, the Treaty of Paris was signed. It would bring an end to the Spanish-American War, giving the United States its first territory overseas. The Spanish lost the majority of the South American countries that it once held.

1901: The First Nobel Prizes

The first recipients of the Nobel Prizes received them on this day in Sweden. They were awarded in fields of peace, literature, physics, chemistry and medicine. It was the fifth anniversary of Alfred Nobel, who had invented high explosives like dynamite. His will had stated that he wanted his fortune to be used on prizes for those who had benefited mankind the greatest. The Nobel Prizes are still awarded today, with winners like Marie Curie and Winston Churchill on the list.

1917: Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Red Cross

There had been no Nobel Peace Prize awarded during the three years before this because of the Great War. The Committee argued that there had been nobody worthy of it. 1917 was different. The Red Cross had established the International Prisoner-of-War Agency, working to offer families of the soldiers captured by the enemy. The Red Cross had already taken the first ever Peace Prize, and would go on to take two more in 1944 and 1963.

1941: Japan Lands on the Philippine IslandsOtis Redding

Just days after Pearl Harbor, Japanese troops attacked again. This time it was the Philippine Islands, where British warships were this time sunk. Winston Churchill announced to his country that they had “lost control of the sea.” The Japanese had taken the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea. They would go on to take much more before they were stopped in 1945.

1967: Otis Redding Killed

Otis Redding, a popular soul singer, was killed on this day. His plane crashed into Lake Monona, Wisconsin, just a few miles away from Madison Airport. Members of the Bar-Kays were also killed in the crash. The exact cause has never been determined, but a storm was considered a factor. The plane had to be dragged from the lake the next day to retrieve bodies. Redding’s last long ever recorded, (Sittin’ on the) Dock of the Bay, reached number one four months later.

Born on December 10

Emily Dickingson, American poet—1830

Nobel Prize winner Nelly Sachs—1891

Bedknobs and Broomsticks author Mary Norton—1903

All My Children and One Life to Live creator Agnes Nixon—1922

Chad Stuart, musician and singer—1941

Green Mile actor Michael Clarke Duncan–1957

Pretty Little Liars actress Nia Peeples–1961

Abu Abbas, Palestine Liberation Front founder—1948

Reality star Josie Duggar–2009


Featured image from Deposit Photos

Birthdays from HistoryNet.com and FamousBirthdays.com

Image of the Red Cross in the public domain (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Committee_of_the_Red_Cross#/media/File:Flag_of_the_Red_Cross.svg)

Image of Otis Redding by Volt Records in the public domain (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otis_Redding#/media/File:Otis_Redding_(2).png)

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