It’s Official, Donald Trump Wins Electoral College, He will be the 45th President of the United States

Monday evening, the members of the Electoral College made it official. Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. Although, there were those who wanted create obstacles to reduce the number of votes in the Electoral College, nothing came of it and Trump is now the official President Elect.

According to AP News, the state of Texas put the Republican president-elect over the 270-vote count that was needed to win. Electors in recent weeks have been deluged with emails, phone calls and letters begging them not to support Trump.  The opposition to Trump, plead with the voters in the Electoral College, to vote with their conscience and vote against Trump.


Two Texas electors cast protest votes against Trump, but in the end he had more than he needed. Yet, the representative for Washington state, four electors opted for other candidates, instead of backing Hillary Clinton. Three cast ballots for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, which made it the first electoral votes for an African-American Republican, and the first time in history a major party elector crossed the aisle and supported a candidate of the opposing major party. One other elector backed Faith Spotted Eagle, a Native American activist who’s been involved in the North Dakota pipeline fight.


The Electoral College results will be officially certified January 6 during a joint session of Congress. Across the country, protests near the sites of where the electors were voting their ballots, to once again call out the President Elect as not representing the voter’s choice. Trump lost the popular votes by almost 3 million votes. Another issue that has come to light is whether Russia actually used their power to release stolen or hacked files which would embarrass Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton. It has been suggested that Russian President Putin has held a vendetta against the former Secretary of State for her stand against many of Putin’s policies.


There were plots to take down the Trump Presidency before it ever began but frustrated Democrats felt that they did not have the backing of their fallen candidate, Hillary Clinton. According to CNN, one Democrat elector spoke of his frustration at the lack of help from the top.” I understand Clinton’s hesitation because of winning the popular vote, but I believe that she had a chance to put her country above her party and help us stop Donald Trump.”  But Clinton campaigned against Trump who said he wouldn’t accept the results of the election if he didn’t win. She said the results had to stand to create a legitimate President.





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