Truck Kills Shoppers in Berlin, Called Terror Attack

A truck has run into a crowd of people at a market in Breitscheidplatz, Germany, in the center of Berlin, a busy marketplace, where nine people were killed and at least 50 wounded.

Updated Dec. 19, 2016 See Below

Authorities were initially unsure whether the incident was an accident or a terror attack, but police now think it was a deliberate attack. The market in question was not near streets or roads, meaning the truck would have likely needed to make a deliberate attempt to reach the market.

Information is scanty at this time as authorities work to gather details and have set up a meeting point at the scene for relatives of victims. More later as this story develops.


Update 7:15 p.m. EST 12/19/2016

An updated report from German police confirms nine people died as a result of the truck that drove into the center of a Christmas marketplace in Berlin earlier, with at least 45 people injured.

The black truck that rammed into the crowds of people and stalls in the Breitscheidplatz markets bore Polish license plates. The passenger in the truck died at the scene, while a person of interest who was arrested near the scene has not been confirmed to be the truck’s driver. It is unclear if there were more than two people in the truck. The truck is registered to a hauling company in Poland, the owner of which spoke with Polish radio and said his cousin had driven the truck to Berlin.

An earlier report said that German authorities had identified the deadly incident as a terror attack, something that has proven to be a false report, as authorities say it could have been an accident as well as an attack. The Federal Prosecutor General of Germany is in charge of the investigation, the branch of German law enforcement that handles terrorism cases, according to the AP.

In November, the U.S. State Department issued a warning about heightened risks of terrorist attacks in Europe, particularly throughout the holiday season, citing credible information that Daesh and al-Qaida continue to plan such attacks in Europe with a focus on the holiday season.

German police have asked people to avoid the area and to stay indoors while the investigation is taking place.



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