Dangerous Sleeping Supervolcano Wakes Up in Italy

Campi Fiegrei supervolcano, west of Naples, Italy, is dangerously waking after almost 500 years of dormancy. A 12-kilometer wide cauldron of burning activity- an eruption would jeopardize the lives of the almost 500,000 people living around it.

dangerous volcano under Naples jpg

Sleeping supervolcano under Naples, Italy- just woke up!

Europe’s oldest supervolcano, the Campi Fiegrei (Burning Fields in Italian) is not just a single supervolcano- it is an entire cauldron- and it is speculated to have caused a volcanic winter 200,000 years ago.A more recent eruption from Campi Fiegrei in 1538 lasted for eight days, shooting so much volcanic debris it formed a mountain- Monte Nuovo. Just recently, a team of experts. led by volcanologist Giovanni Chiodini is concerned because Campi Fiegrei is awake and reaching a critical point.

In 2012, Chiodini, who is from Italy’s National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology, told Reuters, ”These areas can give rise to the only eruptions that can have global catastrophic effects comparable to major meteorite impacts.” But today this critical pressure point is capable of driving volcanic activity towards a severe point by releasing jets of super-hot gas into the air and creating rock failure and a possible eruption.

Science Alert also states that the entire Campi Fiegrei is a concern. So what should residents do right now? Since nothing is certain yet, they should wait as it is impossible to predict the outcome. Chiodini also told the Washington Post, “In general, volcanology is not a precise science.”

“We have many uncertainties and long-term previsions are at the moment not possible! For example, the process that we describe could evolve in both directions: toward pre-eruptive conditions or to the finish of the volcanic unrest,” he added.

Supervolcanoes Around the World

What makes a supervolcanoo different is the size of the cauldra volcanic field, and the power it has along with the great degree of damage it can do over huge distances. An eruption of this magnitude would fill the atmosphere with ash, sulfuric acid, and sulfur dioxide as well as create (as it has in the past) another Ice Age.

These are other supervolcanoes located around the world:

. The Yellowstone Caldera in Yellowstone National Park
. The Long Valley Caldera in east-central California
. The Valles Caldera in northern New Mexico
. Lake Toba Caldera in north Sumatra, Indonesia
. Taupo Caldera in New Zealand
. Aira Caldera in Southern Japan

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