Friday, December 23, 2016 5 Top Stories to Start Your Weekend

Friday December 23, 2016, 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day

1. Thursday, President Elect Donald Trump, once again using his favorite mode of communication, Twitter, to publicly negotiate the government contracts on spending for its weapons programs. This time Trump has decided to play chicken with Lock-Heed Martin’s contract to build more than 2,400 of the F-35 jets. Trump, ever the negotiated and on the outlook for a cheaper deal, tweeted that he has asked Boeing to price out the same order. This has never happened before where a President has stepped in and play Russian roulette with the stock market when it reopens Friday morning. Lock-Heed Martin’s stock will most likely drop and that will have consequences. As Trump plays willy nilly with the stock market, he risks the income of the average American and other investors.

2. Kellyanne Conway, the first woman to run a Presidential campaign that won the Presidency, was named by her candidate, President Elect Donald Trump to be counselor to the President. In making the announcement, the Trump transition team stated that Conway had “shattered the glass ceiling for women” by being the first female presidential campaign manager to win a general election. In an interview after the news broke of her appointment, she was asked about how she’ll juggle a high-level White House job with being the mother of four young children. Quickly she remarked, ““I would say that I don’t play golf and I don’t have a mistress so, I have a lot of time that a lot of these other men don’t.”

3. Thursday, the Syrian government announced Aleppo has been completely retaken by government forces. According to Syrian government controlled media, security and stability” had been returned to eastern Aleppo.

4. On Thursday, the U. S Justice Department announced that they have taken the unusual step of suing Barclays PLC for illegal mortgage practices. The complaint alleges that Barclays PLC sold more than $30 billion of mortgage securities that helped fuel the financial crisis. The complaint states that the bank “engaged in a fraudulent scheme to sell tens of billions of dollars of residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS), in which it repeatedly deceived investors about the characteristics of the loans backing those trusts.”

5. Thursday, President Elect Donald Trump, once again to Twitter but this time, the tweet is heightening a possible nuclear arms race. Trump tweeted, “The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.” The result, arms-control experts are calling out Trump for the tweet saying, “This is a how arms races begin.”

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