‘Sherlock’ Couple Disclose ‘Amicable Split’ in Real Life

The real-life couple of Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman, who portray the on-screen couple, John and Mary Watson, in the BBC Sherlock series, have disclosed what Freeman referred to as a “very, very amicable split.”

The couple, who have managed to keep their private lives separate from the very public celebrity life, decided on the split just two weeks before filming began for Season 4 of Sherlock, where the two portray a newlywed couple about to give birth to their first child. Abbington explained that it was somewhat awkward for her and Freeman to revisit some of the occasions from their personal life again as Dr. and Mrs. Watson, with Abbington saying:

“Especially playing new parents again, up all night feeding and things, because we were effectively revisiting how it was when we first got together.

“I love working with Martin, and we definitely would do again, but there were some pressure points in this episode where we thought, ‘oh, are we doing the right thing here?’, but the resounding answer was always yes.”

Freeman, who has always guarded his personal life from the prying eyes of the media and fans, said simply:

“I’m not with Amanda any more. It’s very, very amicable – I’ll always love Amanda.”

Abbington was more forthcoming about the split between the two, who have two children together, Joe, 10 and Grace, 8, sharing that one of the main reasons behind the couple’s split is Freeman’s lengthy filming commitments in the United States, which keep him away from Abbington and the children in London for long periods of time:

“Martin and I remain best friends and love each other, and it was entirely amicable,” she said.  “There was no hostility, really, we just said that we couldn’t live together anymore, so we put everything in place, he moved out to a flat in north London, I stayed at home and we’ve started a new chapter.

“It is sad and it is upsetting, because you think you’re going to be with someone forever, but you either do that or you break up, and we both came to the decision that splitting was best for us. We’ve been really lucky to make it such a clean break, especially for the kids.

“You can’t be away from people for too long, because you start to function on your own, and you get used to being separate [from] the person you’re supposed to be with. You lose that connection and lose sight of it, in the end.”

It’s always heart-wrenching to learn of a split between devoted partners, but fans of Sherlock and the two actors involved can find some solace that the parents of two still care very much for one another – and for their children – as they move forward with their lives and careers.

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