Christmas Traffic Stop Brings Happy Surprise

Imagine you’re driving home from work on Christmas day, only to see red lights flashing behind you as you pull onto the street near your house. It happened to one young woman in Cleveland and it’s a day they’ll remember their entire lives.

Liz Anderson had only recently moved to her new home on Rocky River Drive in Cleveland, Ohio and was returning home from work on Christmas when a police car behind her began flashing its lights. Anderson pulled over, unsure of what infraction she could have incurred.

When Anderson stopped her car and opened the door, instead of being greeted by a police officer with ticket book in hand, Anderson was looking at the smiling face of her boyfriend, Cleveland police officer Tim Cramer. Cramer, accompanied by a news crew to film what was about to happen, dropped to one knee, asking Liz Anderson to marry him.

Anderson, appearing a little flustered initially, immediately answered, “Yes, of course.”

Soon the newly engaged couple were receiving the congratulations and well-wishes of Anderson’s new neighbors, many of whom came outside to greet the couple.

Cramer explained that he knew he wanted to propose on Christmas day, and as a police officer came up with the plan to both surprise his intended fiance and give the couple a “good story” to tell about their engagement.

Feature Image: CC0 License via Alexas_Fotos at Pixabay

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