False News Story has Obama Making Alternate News Media Illegal

Sunday, YourNewsWire.com reported that, “President Obama just quietly signed into law a bill that makes it illegal to run an alternative media website in the U.S.” According to the site, the Obama administration made it illegal for a blogger, personal website or other news website to produce news articles. One problem with YourNewsWire.com article, it is completely false.

According to the news site, YourNewsWire, the bill will take away First Amendment freedoms, “in other words, the stage is now set for the U.S. government to legally crack down on every media outlet that the they deem to be “foreign propaganda.” The ministry of truth is setup. Welcome to 1984.” The news article also stated that the original source for the news came from, WeAreChange.org, who also claimed that the legislation was timed to coincide with the distraction of Christmas so as to escape public notice.

The described the signing of the legislation as this, “Late Friday night, while Americans were distracted by the holidays, President Obama quietly signed the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act into law, which authorizes a military spending budget of $611 billion, and includes the dangerous Counter Disinformation and Anti-Propaganda Act.” The site did not, for whatever reasons, that two bills were introduced dealing with foreign propaganda and the authorization of funding for funding for the federal intelligence services. Only one, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), was signed before Christmas.

That bill did include the Counter Disinformation and Anti-Propaganda Act described by its bipartisan co-sponsors as such, “this bill underscores the United States’ commitment to protecting the freedom of the marketplace of ideas on the international stage.” The bill also” would ensure America’s national security infrastructure helps counter the false narratives that harm our security — delivering truthful information and making the world a safer place for the United States and our allies.”

So the article that appears on YourNewsWire.com is erroneous and the bill they state will remove bloggers and writers their freedoms, but in fact the bill is aimed at countering foreign sources of disinformation and does not apply to American independent or alternative media.

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