Thursday, December 28, 2016, 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day

Thursday, December 29, 2016 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day

1. Wednesday, one day after the passing of her daughter, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds passed away. Reynolds rose to fame in 1952 starring with Gene Kelly in the musical “Singing in the Rain.” Reynolds said of the film, “Singing in the Rain and childbirth are two of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life.” Reynolds continue starring in the film then television though the decades and made a name for herself with the younger generations as an adorable grandmother in Disney films. Reynolds was 84 years old.

2. President Elect Donald Trump, said Tuesday, that “We ought to get on with our lives,” when it comes to punishing Russia for the alleged hacking of the DNC. He again raised doubts that the intelligence community is correct in their assertion that the Russian government is behind the computer hacking. Trump continued to show a lack of knowledge when it comes to the internet and the age of the computer saying that, “I think that computers have complicated lives very greatly.”

3. Wednesday evening, President-elect Donald Trump announced two companies are adding thousands of additional U. S. -based jobs. According to Trump and the communications corporation, Sprint, 5000 jobs will to the work force in the United States and another company, One Web, will hire 3,000 people in the U.S. Trump called the news “very exciting.” One Web is a satellite network aimed at providing affordable internet access. Looking further into the news, proved that President Elect Trump is taking credit for a deal that has been in place even before he won the general election. In an announcement in October, the parent company of Sprint, Softbank, stated that the company would be creating these jobs and expanding their employment in the United States.

4. Thursday morning, the Syrian government and rebel groups have agreed a nationwide ceasefire from midnight local time. The deal was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin and confirmed by the Turkish foreign ministry. The military announced that the ceasefire was a “comprehensive” cessation of hostilities following “victories and advances” by Syria’s armed forces.

5. Wednesday, Secretary of State, John Kerry, gave a speech about the future of Israel and the latest controversy of settling in the West Bank and in east Jerusalem, which he characterized as creating an “irreversible one-state reality.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took issue with the speech then called Kerry’s speech as “skewed against Israel.” “For over an hour, Kerry obsessively dealt with settlements and barely touched upon the root of the conflict — Palestinian opposition to a Jewish state in any boundaries,” Netanyahu said. Kerry is also taking flak from within this own party with a barrage of Democrats pining that Israel is the country under constant attack and that the resettlements are necessary.

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