‘The Bachelor’ 2017: Who Nick Viall Kept and Who Went Home on Jan. 2, 2017

On Jan. 2, 2017, The Bachelor with Nick Viall kicked off a new season. He had the opportunity to meet 30 beautiful, talented, intelligent women, but had to eliminate a few of them.  As always, on the first night he relied on his first impression of the women to make his choices.  It wasn’t easy (it never is), but he managed to hand out 22 roses and now the season is off and running!

WARNING:  SPOILER ALERT!!  If you haven’t watched this episode, you may want to wait before reading this article.

Below is a brief recap of the show, as well as the list of the women who received roses this week … and those who did not.

Brief Bachelor Recap Jan. 2, 2017:

As normal, after a short introduction about Nick and the women who will appear this season, the first episode kicked off with fans watching Nick greet the 30 lucky women as they exited the limo.  Some of the more memorable grand entrances included:

Alexis, an “aspiring dolphin trainer,” who showed up in a shark costume (which she insisted was a dolphin);

Lacy rode in on a camel and told Nick, “Hi, I hear you like a good hump and so do I;”

Sarah showed up in a lovely purple evening gown and white Nike running shoes, saying “I thought you might appreciate another runner-up, so I had to run up you. You are by no means a runner-up to me;”

Josephine told Nick, “I just wanted to let you know that you’re a wiener in my book,” and then she shared a hotdog with him, each of them nibbling on opposite ends.  (There’s a video below, if you missed it);

Jasmine G. brought along the official jeweler for The Bachelor, Neil Lane, so Nick would know exactly which engagement ring she wanted;

Rachel told Nick, “The only plays I want to make this season is for your heart,” which clearly pleased Nick.

Former one-night-stand, Liz, showed up, but Nick didn’t remember her.  She “plead the fifth” when talking to a producer, but hinted that the two of them spent the night together approximately a year ago at Jade and Tanner’s wedding.  Is that going to cause drama?

After all the women departed the limos, the cocktail party began.  After getting to know the women in a series of “speed dates,” Nick gave the First Impression Rose to Rachel, clearly disappointing some of the other women.

Finally, the first episode of the 2017 Bachelor concluded with the rose ceremony, during which Nick sent eight women home.  Later in this article, you can see who he kept and who he sent home.

Watch Excerpts from this Week’s Show:

Before you read the list of who he kept and who went home, you can see in the excerpts below that things got a little strange from the moment some of the women stepped out of the limos.

Half the women showed up in red dresses.  Of the other half, one showed up in a shark costume … although she insisted it was a dolphin costume:

Who Are the Women Who Nick Kept?

Alexis – 23, aspiring dolphin trainer from Secaucus, NJ

Astrid – 26, plastic surgery office manager from Tampa, FL

Brittany – 26, travel nurse from Santa Monica, CA

Christen – 25, wedding videographer from Tulsa, OK

Corinne – 24, business owner from Miami, FL

Danielle L. – 27, small business owner from Los Angeles, CA

Danielle M. – 31, neonatal nurse from Nashville, TN

Dominique – 25, restaurant server from Los Angeles, CA

Elizabeth “Liz” – 29, Doula from Las Vegas, NV

Elizabeth – 24, marketing manager from Dallas, TX

Hailey – 23, photographer from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Jaimi – 28, chef from New Orleans, LA

Jasmine G – 29, pro basketball dancer from San Francisco, CA

Josephine – 24, registered nurse from Santa Cruz, CA

Kristina – 24, dental hygienist from Lexington, KY

Lacey – 25, digital marketing manager from Manhattan, NY

Rachel – 31, attorney from Dallas, TX

Raven – 25, fashion boutique owner from Hoxie, AR

Sarah – 26, grade school teacher from Newport Beach, CA

Taylor – 23, mental health counselor from Seattle, WA

Vanessa – 29, special education teach from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Whitney – 25, Pilates instructor from Chanhassen, MN

Before you see who went home, you can already there there is going to be some drama!


Who Are the Women Nick Sent Home?

Angela – 26, model from Greenville, SC

Briana – 28, surgical unit nurse from Salt Lake City, UT

Ida Marie – 23, sales manager from Harlingen, TX

Jasmine B – 25, flight attendant from Tacoma, WA

Lauren – 30, law school graduate from Naples, FL

Michelle – 24, food truck owner from Los Angeles, CA

Olivia – 25, apparel sales representative from Anchorage, AK

Susannah – 26, account manager from San Diego, CA


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