‘Chicago Fire’ Recap: Season 5 Winter Premiere ‘Some Make It, Some Don’t’

Chicago Fire Season 5 returned to our screens on January 3 at an usual time of 9pm. This was just to set the stage for the Fire and P.D. crossover in the 10pm slot.

If you need to catch up with Chicago Fire, you can always read the Season 5 midseason finale (also the 100th episode) here. There will be spoilers after this point.

We picked right up with Dawson and Casey. With Louie’s dad showing up at the end of the midseason finale, we just knew that we’d get straight into this drama. Mr. and Mrs. Casey (or is it Mr. Casey and Ms. Dawson? More on that later!) wanted to know how Louie’s dad had found them. Their information should have been confidential.

Social Services says that they don’t know what happened and they’re not taking responsibility either. Right now, they just want to get to the bottom of it and find a secure home for poor Louie.

As for Severide, he was at Med, where he agreed to donate bone marrow. Clarke did make it clear just how much it could hurt and how important it was for Severide to be sure, but there was clearly no talking him out of it.

Before we could really kick off with the personal issues, we had the first call out. The firefighters were called to a brewery, where a man has his arm trapped under a tower of kegs. It turned out that since they couldn’t get the top kegs, this guy decided to pull one out from the bottom and I’m sure you can guess what happened there! I think someone needs some more training in that workplace.

With that over with, Herrmann and Otis spot a table tennis table in the trash and decide to take it back to the station. Chief Boden is initially apprehensive and reminds them of the fussball incident in 2007. I’d love to know exactly what happened, but the way the table tennis plays out over the episode I think I can take a good guess…and so can Stella!

Back at Med, Severide is in for some blood to be drawn. He mentions hurting his shoulder during the last call and asks about taking painkillers to make sure it won’t affect the bone marrow. This isn’t important for this episode but is for the crossover. The importance of this part of the episode is that the woman, Anna, wants to meet Severide.

Yes, he agrees to meet her and this is his chance to explain why he’s doing this. He isn’t proud of the life that he has and knows that he will never regret doing something like this.

As for Dawsey, we do get a reminder that they are in fact married—yay!—but then Tina shows up. Louie’s dad really is Louie’s biological dad. This can cause trouble for the adoption, so it’s over to an adoption lawyer. All the odds are stacked up against Dawsey, but they are going to fight hard for it.

When Louie’s dad shows up at the firehouse, both Dawson and Casey are taken off guard. They want everything to go through the attorneys now, but Dawson is pulled off on a call with Brett to attend to homeless Gerald who has is having a seizure after forgetting to take his meds.

With Gerald at Med, Brett realizes that Dawson is still signing ‘Dawson’ as her name. She hasn’t taken Casey’s last name yet, but isn’t too sure what she really wants to do. This could be an interesting topic later in Chicago Fire.

Back with Severide, he has to choose his emergency contact and decides to put Stella down. She accepts and makes it clear that she will look out for him. She’s already researched how hard giving bone marrow can be and wants to keep him as safe as possible.

At the same time, Dawson decides that she wants to meet with Louie’s dad. They arrange for a meeting at a diner, where it turns out that Louie’s dad had no idea about his son until recently. He had been in Afghanistan and only found out when his ex-girlfriend finally came clean about her pregnancy. He wants to be part of his son’s life.

With tears in her eyes, Dawson agrees that Louie should meet his biological father but it has to go through the attorneys now. However, when they do meet, Louie’s dad fails to turn up and after an hour they leave.

Meanwhile, Severide finds out that Anna can’t take her intense chemo and that means no bone marrow transplant. In an angry and disappointed state, Severide heads to a bar and that’s where we last see him. The next thing we know is that the fire fighters get a call to a car accident, which just happens to involve Severide’s Mustang.

Herrmann calls out for witnesses, but it is soon clear that there aren’t any. The police treat it as a hit and run, and Herrmann asks for the Investigative Branch to be called in. It makes sense to ensure the P.D. cast to come in for the crossover.

This is where the Chicago Fire end and Chicago P.D. start blend together. Severide wakes to banging on his apartment door. He has a bump on his head and doesn’t know anything about the night before. He just sees Lindsay and Voight at his door telling him that he has to go to the station. It’s only then that he finds out his car was involved in the collision. Did he do it? You’ll have to check out the Chicago P.D. recap for that!

Don’t forget that Chicago Fire is back to its usual 10pm timeslot from next week on NBC.

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