Long Island Rail Road Commuter Train Crashes, Injuring Scores of People

Breaking News: The derailment of a commuter train at its final stop in the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn during rush-hour on Wednesday morning, Jan. 4, 2017, resulted in minor injuries to at least 100 people. The Long Island Rail Road train failed to stop in the terminal, instead crashing into a bumper there.


The incident occurred at 8:20 a.m. EST, according to the New York City Fire Department. Injuries to the commuters onboard have been termed non-life threatening, with 11 of the 100 injured requiring further assessment at a hospital. An estimated 600 to 700 passengers were on the train when the incident occurred.

The scene of the train accident quickly became one of chaos as the commuters struggled to make sense of what had just happened, attempting to gather belongings scattered during the impact and helping those injured. Emergency medical response teams came quickly, with the immediate area being cordoned off.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority, the agency that runs the Long Island Rail Road, hopes to have the scene of the accident cleared by evening rush-hour and added that there were no major disruptions in service to other Long Island Rail Road lines at the Brooklyn terminal.

Tom Prendergast, chairman of the MTA, reported that the train approached the terminal at 10 to 15 miles an hour, a speed Prendergast termed normal for such an approach. The chairman explained that at that speed, then it is the train’s engineer who is responsible for bringing the train to a stop. An investigation is already underway, with interviews to take place with the train’s brake man, conductor and engineer to help determine the accident’s cause. The National Transportation Safety Board has already sent investigators to the scene.

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