Original Beatles Manager – Allan Williams – Dies

Sir George Martin is best known as the man who launched The Beatles into stardom; but it was Allan Williams who made it possible for Sir George to make them such a success.

Williams was The Beatles original manager, he died December 30 in Liverpool at the age of 86. No official cause of death was given.

Williams owned a Liverpool coffee bar called Jacaranda. It was there that he met John, Paul, George, and Stuart Sutcliffe. In his autobiography “The Man Who Gave te Beatles Away” Williams spoke on the lads saying, “I thought the Beatles were a right load of layabouts.” But Williams found gigs for the band…and hired them to paint the ladies water closet at the bar. A dispute over Williams’ commission from performances in Hamburg that spelled an end to the relationship. Brian Epstein took over the job with Williams’ blessing saying, “Brian, as far as I’m concerned, they’re all yours. I’ve finished. And bloody good luck with the Beatles.”

The Jacaranda was one of a few clubs that Williams owned and booked talent for those clubs.

He was born Allan Richard Williams on March 17, 1930 in Liverpool, England the son of a dance promoter. He later was often seen at Beatle conventions.

Williams is survived by his wife of over 50 years Beryl and children Leah and Justin.

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