‘Charmed’ Is Officially Getting a Reboot

The long-awaited Charmed reboot has finally been confirmed. The minds behind Jane the Virgin will pick up the show for the CW, according to TV Guide.

There have been various questions over a Charmed revival in the past. So many shows have made a comeback over the last few years, including Dallas and Full House. Charmed fans instantly wanted to know if their dreams were coming true, moving the continuation from comic back onto the TV screen.

While fans initially jumped for joy at the news of a Charmed reboot, the dreams were quickly quashed. The limited information shared that this reboot would be set in 1976 and in New England, according to Hidden Remote. This quashes all hopes that fans will get to follow their favorite sister witches, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige. It also ruins the hopes that Charmed would start from the beginning again to correct the many wrongs, including never seeing Prue after her death despite time travel and ghosts.

There were theories that the 1976 story could be about Penny and Patty Halliwell, especially as the time period would be perfect to tell the story of Paige’s conception, birth, and adoption. The setting ruins that idea, since everything was in San Francisco for that.

The stars of the original show are still to speak out about the decision to reboot Charmed in this way. Alyssa Milano told fans that they rock, while Holly Marie Combs answered a question about a Picket Fences revival.

Rose McGowan had previously spoken out about the idea of a Charmed reboot, saying that it means the networks are running out of ideas. The actress signed on for the show in Season 4 and remained until the end, but she did admit that after a few years she cried each time she found out the show would be renewed for another year.

As for Shannen Doherty, she is mainly focusing on her health. Last year she was confirmed with breast cancer and is going through intense chemo and radiation therapy to beat it.

The details of the Charmed reboot are over. There were hopes that it would be more of a prequel set around the earlier Halliwell line, but that looks like it could be impossible if it is set in New England rather than San Francisco. Only time will tell.

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