Grimm Recap Episode 1 Season 6 “The Fugitive” With Spoilers

Grimm fans have been waiting for the 6th Season to begin after a too-long hiatus off the screen. Instead of starting around Halloween time last year, the first episode is premiering now! Grimm’s exciting return also has a sad note as this will be the last Season for the popular series.

Attention: Spoiler Warning!

Grimm Recap Episode 1 Season 6 “The Fugitive”

The Great, Gregarious. Grimm Group

In this first well-anticipated episode we find that Nick Burkhardt is in some pretty hot water and is on the run. Why? Because Renard has put out an APB on him telling the rest of the police force to shoot-to-kill.

We begin exactly where we left off last May (has it been that long-really?), where Nick seems baffled that he was able to withstand multiple gun shots by bad cops to the chest, and Renard is baffled that he just pierced his sword through head-bad guy- Bonaparte’s, chest? But the person behind all this evil doing and bafflement is soon revealed as young Diana, Renard’s daughter, the girl with the glowing eyes!

Stepping back to last Season we see that Nick’s back-up team of Monroe and Rosalie, (she’s pregnant, if you remember), Trubel and now, ex-girlfriend Juliet-turned-Eve are lost in the tunnels below Nick’s loft apartment. The magic stick they used on Eve also seems to be working as the bad-woman-no-feelings-Eve seems to be softening up this episode. But more about that later.

When, after Monroe scouts the area for a safe exit, Rosalie breaks down and warns her werewolf husband, Monroe, not to tell the others she’s pregnant as she fears Nick’s dead and the others won’t make it either.

We find the others elsewhere in the tunnels with Trubel and Eve arguing about who will go back for Nick. However, when Eve tries to bring back her old Hexenbiest woge- it’s just not happening. Could it be that magic stick they found and used on her worked? Eve ponders that possibility. Anyway, they all finally make it to Nick’s old loft- what a neat place that was- expecting to find Nick dead or at least hurt after his gun-fire battle. But Nick freaks them all out by showing up unharmed, a little weary, with blood and gunshot holes all over his shirt. Wu tells him it looks like he was shot!

Monroe pipes in, “Like, more than once!”

Now we get to visit with Adalind who’s been incarcerated along with her’s and Nick’s little son- Kelly. chez Renard. We also get an up-close and personal look at Diana who is now a pre-pubescent young lady who does neat murder tricks with her dolls. Renard starts to put two and two together and comes up with the fact that daughter Diana is working a few spells from the comfort of her room. He suddenly gets that she has the ability to force a few of her childish whims such as his killing Bonaparte.

Adalind sarcastically points out that Renard should perhaps go easy on the disciplining since he now knows what his daughter has been up to. Renard soon strengthens his resolve to kill Nick and also frame him for Bonaparte’s death. After all the police captain who will be Mayor can’t have blood on his hands!

Let’s Re-Group

Okay, now we’re all in Nick’s loft, reviewing possibilities. Eve is getting a little freaked out at her new leaning toward decency and wants to know why. They let her know about the magic stick that used to belong to the Crusaders after they conquered Constantinople and how the Grimm team retrieved it from the Black Forest. They told her they used it on her to save her and the world from herself, and it seems to be working. They then, launch the huge job of getting rid of all the Black Claw dead bodies from Nick’s loft, deciding to dump them into the underground tunnels. They then hightail it to Rosalie’s spice and remedy shop to get rid of even more dead bodies from the Black Claw Clan- (has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it?).

However, at this point, Eve gets more than she bargained for when one of the bodies grabs her hand in a “death-grip” in an attempt to swap her now ‘getting clean-fast soul’ with his grimy, evil one so he can purchase a more comfy place in the after-life. We see what Eve sees, which is him hanging on for dear life about to go into the ‘hell’ he well deserves. Eve’s looking pretty grim herself as her eyes blacken and she can see some weird tattooed patterns on the dead man’s face. Soon Rosalie comes to the rescue though, after a quick read in one of her remedies-for-evil-occurrences-books and a very quick solution.

Who knew we would witness Rosalie grab a huge machete she just happened to have in the shop and lop off the hand that has the death grip on Eve! My goodness Rosalee! Must be those extra hormones from being pregnant! However, it sure worked and fast- and Eve goes back to normal. The occurance does leave everyone wondering how Eve could be the one who was chosen for her pure soul, after all the past evil she indulged in. Hmm,that magic stick must be more powerful than they thought!

The Hunt for Nick

Meanwhile, back at the precinct, Wu’s kills from Wog-ing are everywhere and Renard is on a rampage to get Nick. Franco- who seems to be the only sensible cop is told to put an APB out on Nick and shoot to kill! Franco realizes his boss has gone weird and warns Hank and Wu, who, in turn warn Nick and the team. Then, as Renard is lieing on the phone to Black Claw that Nick killed Bonaparte, he sees literal blood on his hands in a vision, and later, when Franco comes into the room he also sees the vision of blood on Franco’s face. We’re left to wonder is he going to have a change of heart or is this the handi-work of Renard’s dazzling daughter?

Then to give us a breath, right in the middle of this tightly-written, labour-intensive episode, Adalind calls Nick and wants to see him- don’t forget she fell in love with him last season, ever since she’s become devoid of her witch-y nature. Makes you wonder when she’s so worried about Renard killing Nick but still wants him to risk his life sneaking into the same man’s home?

Anyway, Nick doesn’t seem to mind either, and does make it there alive to see her and they share some intense smooches and two seconds of quality family time with baby Kelly. Then when Nick notices that huge rock Adalind is wearing on her finger, she reminds him she is forced to wear this engagement ring and how Bonaparte told her she could never remove it or her children will suffer unbearable pain. Such a nice romantic touch!
Then, Adalind, who has been allocated a regular- worried, passive roll as of late, does redeem some of her good ol’ witchy feistiness when she tells Nick she will kill Renard if he dares to hurt Nick. Why do I think this is a bit of foreshadowing?

Back at Nick’s loft, Eve who is still mulling over her new “nice” outlook on life and not entirely grateful about it, asks to see the cloth the magical stick was wrapped in. And when she does lay her eyes on this ancient cloth, she is able to see the same pattern that she saw tattooed on the dead man’s face who tried to swap souls with her earlier. She also discovers that Trubel cannot see these designs and so we wonder- is it something related to Eve specifically, and is it a good thing?

Closing In On Nick

A little earlier Rachel, Renard’s sometimes girlfriend and campaign manager is found dead, after a scene where we see darling daughter, Diana, off-her with her powers. (Diana wasn’t too partial to Rachel being with her dad and hurting mommy, Adalind.) But- too bad- we learn that Renard’s finger prints are found in Rachel’s apartment from the police secretary. How will he get out of this one?

Next, we’re starting to see that this APB stuff is becoming a bit of a nuisance with everyone getting calls and stressing out, and now- Monroe and Rosalie who are duh, slightly exhausted from getting rid of bodies, chopping off hands, etc. want some shut eye- get another call about the APB. They were even having a moment to speculate out loud whether it would be a good thing to stay in Portland when Renard the part-Hexenbiest, will be mayor. So when they get the news that the police have search warrants for their home, they soon get their front door kicked in by the same. No rest for the weary!

Even Trubel and Eve are rudely interrupted at the loft when police come calling and so they escape once again into the tunnels below. As things get close for Nick he thinks about his bud-Bud, and gives him a call, surmising that his friend will not be on the to-do list for the cops who are hunting him. He asks a nervous Bud if he could indeed hide-out at his place and Bud, being Bud, says yes, even though we know he’s stressed over the possible implications. Bud calls the gang to meet there and they all take off to meet up at Bud’s place. Soon it’s just like old times and everyone has re-united. The only problem is when the police check the phone trails they realize that Bud is a frequent caller on Nick’s list and soon that great cover gets blown.

Final Scenes

Franco informs the dynamic duo (Wu and Hank) that the police are heading to Bud’s place- just moments before they actually do- but the gang has come up with a plan to distract police by moving a huge freezer out so the police will think Nick is hiding in it.

As the situation progresses to hopeless the Grimm group also talk Nick into leaving Portland as it’s way too hot for him right now! He reluctantly agrees. But it may be more difficult than everyone thinks! In a flash we are left with a scene that appears hopeless: Every police team in the city descend on Bud’s place and surround it, guns ready. Trubel begs Eve to woge- but she can’t, and faints in the process. Now what?! We’re left with a pretty decent cliff-hanger for next week.

A few burning questions:

1)Will Renard stay nasty because he did make a rather disappointing, quick descent into criminality?
2)What do you think is going on with Juliet/Eve- will she be good again and perhaps attempt to win Nick’s attention away from old enemy Adalind?

Tell me in the comment section below what your thoughts are!

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