Wednesday January 11, 2017 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day

1. Tuesday, CNN issued a reported where it was alleged that Russia had been gathering intel on President Elect Trump for the possibility of blackmail or to use to embarrass the new President. Trump disputes the report and called it, “Fake News” and asked, “Are we living in Nazi Germany?” Trump said of the intelligence community of leaking the information to get in “one last shot at me.” The report from CNN is far from complete with many grey areas such as the fact the FBI or CIA have even investigated the supposed report that was gathered by a former MI6 agent who now runs his own investigative agency. Another problem, Russia completely denies that they are creating such a dossier on the President Elect.

2. President Obama returned to the city that started his journey on the path to the Presidency, Chicago, to give his last speech to the public as the President of the United States. The speech hit on the signature theme of President Obama, hope and change. He asked his fellow Americans “to show up, dive in and stay at it.” Obama said he was leaving the Presidency but he is going to be an involved citizen and expects his fellow citizens to do the same. He spoke of how the Constitution is not just a piece of “parchment” but an outline of what we need to do to continue our democracy. He gave thanks to his Vice-President Joe Biden who he declared to now be his ‘brother’ and of course he thanked his wife for taking on the role of First Lady and making it her own.

3. According to multiple news site, Bill O’Reilly and Fox News have settled a sexual discrimination case that was filed by former Fox News host Juliet Huddy. This settlement comes on the heels of the Gretchen Carlson settlement made in September for her sexual harassment suit against Fox News and then news director Roger Ailes. Huddy claimed that when she appeared on O’Reilly Factor that O’Reilly propositioned her on multiple occasions including an instance when O’Reilly tried to kiss her when she visited his home near Manhasset, Long Island and making inappropriate phone calls to her.

4. A new poll by the Quinnipiac University poll shows that a majority of Americans are not happy with the choices President Elect Donald Trump has made for his cabinet. The poll shows that Only 37 percent of voters approve of Trump’s performance and that 51 percent disapprove including those of course hostile to the Trump campaign. Men still have a higher approval rating for the President Elect but women, once again, disapprove of Trump with poll numbers at 59 percent.

5. A journalist who all journalists wanted to be, Clare Hollingworth, has died at the age of 105. Hollingsworth is the journalist who was made the scoop of all scoops, she broke the story of World War II. It was Hollingworth following her own instincts that led her to drive into Germany, which had closed its borders, to find on the border hundreds of tanks ready to invade Poland. She wasn’t even believed at her newspaper, The Telegraph, when she relayed them the information. She then called the British Embassy which also did not believe her story. Hollingsworth then stuck the phone out the window so the other end would actually hear the sound of tanks getting ready to invade Poland. She was then believed. Hollingworth’s career spanned the Korean War, Vietnam and conflicts in the Middle East. Hollingworth also worked to help Jews escape the tentacles of Hitler’s Germany. It is said she helped thousands obtain British Visas to escape the Holocaust. Hollingworth spent her later years living in Hong Kong, where she was a proud member of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club.

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