Grimm Recap Episode 2 Season 6 “Trust Me Knot”

This Season the emphasis is definitely on teamwork or maybe it’s group therapy, as every scene seems to include the entire regular Grimm cast. Yes, there is safety in numbers gang, but it is getting a little tedious.

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Grimm promo picWe find the ‘group’ exactly where we left them- with Renard’s cops surrounding Bud’s shop and the Grimm camp trapped inside. In the stress of the situation, Monroe tells them all, probably in an attempt to save her-because he’s just a sweet man-that his wife, Rosalie is pregnant. But all that does is make everyone even more worried about their precarious situation. Nick then says he’s sorry for getting everyone in this mess, and offers to turn himself in.

However, just in time to stop the cop troops from storming the place, Hank and Wu screech up and take Renard into custody for the murder of Rachel, his then campaign manager. Renard is now in a real stew because although he didn’t kill Rachel he knows his daughter did, and his only alibi was Bonaparte- who his daughter just happened to have him kill with his sword. What to do, what to do….

Meanwhile, back at Bud’s, the cops kick the door down after Hank and Wu’s orders NOT to shoot to kill Nick, as Renard is no longer in command and then they just stand there, not sure what to do. But then the police decide to take Nick into custody. But whoa!They may have gotten a little too close because his magic stick comes into play and bam! All the cops are blown to the floor and are unconscious… no longer a threat to Nick.

We then cut to outside where we see a helmeted officer run out from the shop and order all the other police to back away, whilst he grabs the nearest SERT truck and then- lo’ and behold we see it’s really Nick as he boards his team and then drives them to safety. Rosalie and Monroe- who found an obscure, hidden trap door to the tunnels earlier- get everyone to hide there again and for the moment all is well. Thank God, for those tunnels!

Renard in Custody

After calling Adalind to come down to the precinct to help him get out, an antsy Renard settles in his cell, (strange to see him on this side of the law now). He gets a fellow Wessen cop to get him a phone and when he does, Renard calls his good buddy Judge Stancroft- who we now know is his partner in crime, and demands that he fixes the situation- like pronto!

Adalind calls Monroe and Rosalie to ask if they would mind taking care of her kids while she has to go and see Renard in jail. Oh, no problem- they say as they mull over in their mind the present body count at the hands of one of those children- Diana, Adalind’s Hexenbeist- twice-over- daughter. A little Monroe-style humour is slotted in, at this point, when we are witness to his acute discomfort at babysitting this same daughter.

However, when Adalind finally does get to the prison to see Renard it doesn’t go well for the Captain. She refuses to be his alibi and we really do get the picture she’s not too enamoured of the man.

Nick and the Magic Stick

Back in the tunnels, we find Nick,Trubel,Eve/Juliet, and Bud wondering what their next move should be. Eve really wants an answer to her own private mystery of seeing symbols on that cloth that once covered the magic stick and Nick is getting a-shades of the ring in Lord of the Rings- unhealthy attachment to this magic stick, that seems to have a mind of its own.

Trubel looks worried and so does Eve as she mentions again that perhaps it isn’t a good plan for Nick to carry this questionable stick around so much when they don’t know what it’s all about. Then when they kind of push the issue of Nick’s getting rid of the thing, he gets in a bit of a tizzy at the thought of it. Hmmmm…Gollum? Anyway Nick is not the only one having personality problems right now- seems like Eve is getting a little unnerved and admits she feels like there’s two of her lately!?

This is actually getting worrisome folks- what’s happening to our Grimm team lately- the Captain has relaxed into his Hexenbeist roots, Nick’s overly-attached to an inanimate object and Eve has a split personality!

Meanwhile back at the spice shop, young Diana is doing tricks for Monroe and Rosalind getting the spice jars to hover in mid-air and then come and go as she commands. Makes you wonder what else this witch-in-the-making can do.


Nick, Hank, Bud and Wu discuss what can be done to help Nick out of his predicament of being a wanted man. Nick calls Adalind to see if she has any witchy bright ideas. Turns out she does. Why, they can always use the Trust-Me-Knot! This ensures that both parties involved in the bargain must keep their promise or guess what? The knot will wrap its little self around the person’s neck who broke the promise, and choke them to death! Lovely!

To fulfill the “Trust-Me-Knot rules, both Nick and Renard have to be there, so Hank and Wu fetch the captain so said spell can take place. It really works out pretty well, if you like ropes that can kill you, because Renard has to promise to release Nick from all charges and reinstate him into the police department, while Adalind promises to be Renard’s alibi for the night Rachel was murdered. That sounds very civil- doesn’t it? Why do I feel that for sure Renard’s going to break that promise?

Adalind obtains a rope and makes each participant hold each end. She explains quite clearly that whomever breaks their promise will die by the rope, she woges and drips some old-fashioned Hexenbeist blood on the rope and turns it bright red. Then one after the other, Nick and Renard promise to keep their promises: Adalind will be Renard’s alibi, and Renard will drop all charges against Nick.

Back in the spice shop Eve, Trubel, Adalind and Rosalie mull over ways to decipher this magic-stick-cloth. They are getting nowhere when, of course, Diana comes into the room and can see the symbols and designs right away. (Acknowledging this young girl’s powers, I’d be keeping on her good side, for sure!) Thank God we see that she likes Kelly, her half-brother- that was a worrying thought!

In the midst of all the cloth reading, Trubel gets an unexpected call from Hadrian’s Wall calling on all Grimms because they are needed elsewhere. Trubel leaves, but Nick says no he can’t go, and, after trying to get him to come with her, Trubel worriedly tells him “to stay alive” while she’s gone.

Final Scenes

Hank gets a call telling him that Renard’s court case will convene soon and so Adalind has to leave to testify. However, we soon see that none other than Judge Stancroft is the presiding judge and we all get a little deja vu about what is about to go down. Yep, the case is dismissed on the fact that there was insufficient evidence to succeed- (that was a fruitful phone call from your cell- Renard). Adalind, Hank and Wu look on helplessly as Renard is now free to go.

Just as we thought, it isn’t long before Renard tells them- the Trust-Me-Knot deal is off! He says it no longer applies, since Adalind didn’t testify. So, now Nick’s still on the most wanted list. Then Renard really makes use of his new-found freedom and tells Hank and Wu to hand in their resignations ASAP. No! Not the dynamic duo!

Why does something tell me that the “loose noose”- the Trust-Me-Knot, is not going to like this one little bit?

Now, Nick, apparently the loser, suggests that Adalind goes back with Renard so that she and the kids remain safe.

And so we are again left having to wait-out another week to see what happens next? It’s going to be a long week.

This week’s burning questions:

1) Will Nick be safe from Renard?
2) Will Renard be safe from the Trust-Me-Knot?
3) What does that darn cloth have to say for itself?
4) Will we ever find out what business is so urgent for Trubel to be called away like that?

Missed last weeks episode? Here’s my full recap here.

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