Grimm Episode 3 Season 6 Recap ‘Oh Captain, My Captain’

In this week’s episode we may have a little double vision as we get to see two Renard’s face off with each other! Huh? It does sound strange, but then again, this is a Grimm show.

Warning: Look out for spoilers ahead!

Grimm promo picThe show kicks-off with Nick still on the run from police and the ‘Grimm group’ trying to figure things out. Renard is now back in business at the precinct and wants Wu and Hank to hand in their resignations. Wu has harsh words with Renard and almost goes to attack Renard, but Hank calms him down and they start to gather their belongings from the precinct. Whew! That was close.

Nick, Wu and Hank re-group, trying to come up with the best way to rein-in Renard and get them all back their jobs. They also are on a mission to prevent Renard from becoming mayor of Portland and causing all kinds of evil havoc. However, what they finally do come up with is a little way out even for a Grimm episode.

They decide with a little Hexenbeist spell they can turn one of them into a duplicate Renard who will then go on TV and announce he is abdicating from the race for mayor and calling off the manhunt for Nick. Surprisingly, no one yells, “What?! Can you really do that?” But it seems it’s just another day in the city and all they need is a little spell magic and some of Renard’s hair and oh yeah, by the way, they’ve decided to have Nick be the new Renard!, Renard has found a new problem of his own.

Meanwhile, Renard has found a new problem of his own.

It just so happens that his campaign manager, Jeremiah, saw him (Renard) going in and out of Rachel’s apartment, so he deduces that Renard indeed murdered Rachel. Jeremiah was also in love with Rachel, so now decides to blackmail Renard — because money always helps mend a broken heart — right?

Renard proves to be one step ahead, though, when he commissions officer Grossante to kill Jeremiah, promising Grossante a nice fat promotion to police chief if he does Jeremiah in. Well, Grossante, proving to be a loyal follower, especially when there’s something in it for him, does the dirty deed but in the killing process he get’s a little of Jeremiah’s blood on Captain Renard’s shirt…tsk, tsk. So now, the dear captain has to go home for a quick wardrobe change. Home? Oh no! Monroe’s there getting hair from Renard’s brush for the spell and some Renard clothes for Nick to wear when he turns into the man!

So now, the dear captain has to go home for a quick wardrobe change. Home? Oh no! Monroe’s there getting hair from Renard’s brush for the spell and some Renard clothes for Nick to wear when he turns into the man!

What follows is a hilarious dance of silliness, where Adalind attempts to keep Renard out of the closet while Monroe is hiding in there, plus, get him to take a shower or something so Monroe can leave the house. She finally comes up with telling Renard that there’s blood in his hair and he really should shower. So, although Renard doesn’t get why Adalind is so nervous at first and “nice” he says, he worries about the blood and decides to take the shower. All works out for Adalind and a very-relieved-Monroe gets to leave Renard’s house.

Nick’s Really Into Renard

Back at ye’ old spice shop we see Nick all ready now after Renard’s hair was unceremoniously plunked into the witch’s cauldron (don’t you just love the look of those things!) Nick was just about to breathe in the transformation vespers when Eve suggests he take his clothes off. No, sorry—it was just good planning on her part as Renard is a much taller man than Nick. Still, it does give anyone interested a quick look at Nick’s well worked-out physique.

Oh, in case you were wondering (as I was) does Nick still love Eve/Juliet? I’m sorry, but you will have to keep wondering about that, but we do know now, he does love Adalind. This fact was confirmed a little while back in this show by none other than Eve herself (or maybe it was Juliet herself), but anyway, Eve said the simple statement, “You love Adalind. I can feel it.” And Nick just sort of went with the flow. Seems like Eve’s recent treatment with that magic stick has made her very sensitive to Nick’s feelings.

What follows is an exciting scene reminiscent of a good werewolf movie: Nick drops to the floor and with his face away from view, writhes in apparent pain and squirms as his body stretches into….voila! Renard! And what a great Renard he makes too! Let’s pause to consider Sasha Roiz’ unique opportunity to do a little flamboyant acting here as he now must play Nick inside Renard’s body as well as the real Renard too — not bad, Sasha!

Then the Nick that’s inside Renard panics that he has turned into Renard and woges involuntarily. He shows his Zauberbiest- face (which I recently discovered is a male Hexenbiest). To solve this problem, the ever-present Grimm team tells Nick to relax and breathe deeply and thus, he is able to control that slightly unnerving ‘woged face’ that Captain Renard likes to break into every now and again.

Back at Renard’s house, Diana now has the added burden of keeping “Renard-Renard” occupied while “Nick-Renard” can get in front of the news camera at 7 pm. After comically stalling “Renard-Renard” and coming up with great ideas like wanting to talk about Diana’s education and why doesn’t he stay for dinner, “Renard-Renard” happens to notice himself on television resigning as mayor! What! He would not realize at this point that Nick was really inside that familiar selfie face of his. But a sheepish Adalind comes up with a quick cover-up line to get herself off the hook and says innocently, “When did you record this?” ha! love it! But “Renard-Renard” is not too happy and threatens her if he finds out that she had anything to do with this! Yikes!

Things get even more strange when “Nick-Renard” goes to the precinct and finds Officer Grossante, who is none the wiser, and expects people to look like the people they’re supposed to be. He then lets “Nick-Renard,” who he thinks is the real McCoy, know that he’s not happy about Renard-Renard not giving him that promotion after he fulfilled his side of the bargain and killed the unsuspecting Jeremiah. And although “Nick-Renard” had absolutely no clue about this, he did know Renard came home to change his blood-stained shirt and so he improvised. He told Grossante that no, the deal is off, because of Grossante’s messy killing habits. Why do I feel that this is just not going to appease Mr. Grossante at all?

What follows are more comical scenes as “Nick-Renard” runs into the press with his blue tie and tries to divert them because he’s getting acute pain and he, as well as us, is now worried he’s reverting back to Nick right in front of the swarming media. “Nick-Renard” then ducks out of sight, just in time for “Renard-Renard” to come in and angrily confront the press. He tells them he is NOT stepping down and that wasn’t him on the news! Clearly, the press think he’s totally lost it and one of them says, “Weren’t you just wearing a different tie, sir?” So it becomes important to know which color tie each Renard is wearing for identification purposes: “Renard-Renard” is wearing a red tie and “Nick-Renard” a blue tie.

Meanwhile, at the spice shop, the Grimm group is trying to figure out what that acute pain Nick experienced is all about and they deduce that yes, his body was attempting to turn back to Nick but no, it didn’t happen. Now everyone is worried they could possibly be stuck in a world where Nick will always have to wear a blue tie! No — unspeakable!

So they, as they do, desperately try to come up with an antidote even while they stress over whether the spell would work differently for a Grimm — oh-oh, sorry Nick! Then “Nick-Renard” receives a selfie phone call from “Renard-Renard” demanding they get done with this once and for all and so they decide to meet at Nick’s loft.

Final Scenes

When they meet face to Renard-face, so to speak, they decide to fight it out and very impressively do just that, until one of them says, “We can do this all night!” And I get it because they really are not getting anywhere with this wrestling match, just as the Grimm team is not getting anywhere with how they can get “Nick-Renard” to get back to just being Nick. Then, after an impressive skirmish, “Renard-Renard” agrees that this is getting tedious and so they both agree that they need to think this out. Happily, they finally come up with the idea to blame everything on the already-dead Bonaparte and then “Renard-Renard” could say he stepped down from running for Mayor to head the investigation into Bonaparte and his crimes. “Nick-Renard” agrees with him and then bargains that he wants Hank, Wu, and himself to be re-instated into the force and Adalind and baby Kelly to move back with him.

But, then “Renard-Renard” reminds “Nick-Renard” that Diana, (very-powerful-Diana) loves her daddy and would just hate it if anything untoward would happen to him. Uh, huh, true, got it, and Nick you really should consider that statement.

However, when Nick gets back with the group, they take a while to trust just who this is — Nick or Renard? But Adalind settles it all when she asks him where did they first kiss — something only Nick would know. And the said daughter, Diana, gets who it is right away and turns Nick back to his old Nick-self. Then as Adalind and Nick hug, Diana looks on and we’re really not sure what’s going on in that witchy girl’s mind, but maybe Nick should think about buying her a puppy or something, just to keep on her good side.

And again we wait to see what next week will bring.

This week’s burning questions:

1) Is Eve/Juliet really out of Nick’s love life forever?
2) Will Chief Grossante get his revenge on Renard?
3) Will Renard try to become mayor again?
4) Grimm promo picWhere’s Trubel and what kind of mission is she on?



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