‘The Vampire Diaries’ recap: Season 8 Episode 9 ‘The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch’

There was hope that Stefan and Damon with their emotions off would have the most amazing time on the road causing their destruction. Instead, Stefan makes a point about just how pesky Elena Gilbert has been for both Salvatore brothers, while we get a series of flashbacks of the Miss Mystic Falls pageant.

If you need to catch up, The Vampire Diaries recap of Episode 8 is still available. There are spoilers from this point.

We start the week with Damon looking at the necklace, just as Stefan brings someone in to die. While Stefan continues his ripper ways, Sybil calls Damon for help. She needs the ball from the bell to stop Peter Maxwell. As Damon tries to say no, only ‘yes’ comes out of his mouth and it’s time to pay a visit to Mystic Falls.

When Bonnie returns from Paris, she’s sporting a new necklace. Bonnie does make it clear to Caroline that it does have Enzo’s blood, but it’s just a symbol of love. She’s not turning into a vampire ‘anytime soon.’

While Sybil is after Damon’s help, Selene calls for Caroline’s. Together they have two pieces of the bell. If they can get Damon’s piece, they can stop Sybil. Of course, Caroline isn’t interested in helping the former nanny.

Instead, Caroline calls Matt for help. She’s at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, just as Damon and Stefan show up.

Here starts the flashbacks of the last Miss Mystic Falls pageant. Sybil helps with the flashbacks by wearing a blue dress, making Damon think back to Elena’s dress and the time that they fell in love. The more Sybil tries to worm her way into Damon’s memories, Elena’s memories push through, and Sybil doesn’t understand why she’s losing her powers.

As for Bonnie, she is about to go after Sybil for sirening a girl, but Enzo stops her. The conversation of becoming a vampire comes up and Bonnie reminds him that that isn’t an option. Elena’s life force is tied to Bonnie’s and Kai made it clear that there are no loopholes.

Back with Selene, Dorian turns up for payback, while Matt goes through Selene’s house to find the bell. The police turn up, and it turns out that Selene has sirened the police force to protect that bell. That doesn’t stop Matt.

At the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant, Damon admits to Caroline that the necklace is stopping him from being sirened to Sybil, but he can’t remember why it is so important. Caroline pushes him to remember his love for Elena, as she has always kept the Salvatore brothers grounded. Unfortunately, Caroline can’t do the same for Stefan.

Where is Stefan? He has a conversation with Sybil about why Damon is getting out of her lock. Stefan points out that Elena has always had a pull. Damon needs a reminder of what really happened at Miss Mystic Falls. It wasn’t just the time that Damon fell in love with Elena, but the time that he started to betray his brother.

Stefan decides to turn on his brother from this point, breaking the chain to the necklace. Caroline uses that chance to grab Damon and dance the dance he and Elena did together, while Stefan was trying not to kill a girl in the woods.

While they dance, so do Bonnie and Enzo. It’s time for another conversation about Bonnie becoming a vampire. It turns out that yes, she would turn, but she can’t because of Elena. With the thought that the vial of blood is more than a symbol of love, she gives it back to Enzo.

Caroline and Damon continue to talk, but Sybil cuts in to taunt Damon about how his emotions will eventually come back to haunt him. They will all flood back, and he needs to give Damon the striker to the bell. Damon agrees, just as Selena tells Dorian in the bar that she knows why he is really there.

As for Caroline, she works to get everyone out of the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant, but it turns out that Stefan has compelled all the candidates to stay. While Damon continues to get flashbacks of Elena and breaks the connection to Sybil further, Stefan pays them a visit. Damon knocks Sybil out, as Stefan stakes Damon and grabs the striker. He’s leaving town without his brother.

Enzo and Bonnie get the last of the guests out of the area, and he now admits that he fears for her life in a way that he never has before. He can’t bear the thought of losing her, but Bonnie can’t bear the thought of letting people die.

As for Caroline, she finds out that Stefan plans on turning all the Miss Mystic Falls candidates into vampires. After killing one girl, Caroline stakes Stefan to give her some time. She also helps to convince the young girl to actually become a vampire, because life doesn’t have to stop when you die!

When Stefan wakes up, Caroline tells Stefan that they are in this together. She will help him but he has to do it on her terms. Stefan disagrees and will leave without her, so Caroline breaks up with him and tells him to stay away.

As for Bonnie, she wants the necklace back and suggest an alternative option to Enzo. Instead of him outliving her in 60 year time, he could take the cure and become human. They would have time together. I’ve noticed a flaw in this, though. Enzo has been a vampire for more than 100 years. Like Katherine when she became human, the aging process would be much quicker and he’d only have a year with Bonnie at the most, right? Is this how their love story will end in The Vampire Diaries Season 8 finale?

In the end, Damon wakes and decides to chain Sybil up. Of course, she still has her powers and forces his emotions to turn back on. He is flooded with the memories and guilt of everything that he has done, and is trapped in his own mind.

Is there hope for Stefan and Caroline? Will Damon be able to pull himself out? What will happen between Bonnie and Enzo? My favorite part of the whole episode was Stefan taunting both Caroline and Damon. Paul Wesley portrays Stefan so well, and it’s clear when he has his humanity turn on and off just by the look in his eyes.

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 continues on Fridays at 8pm on the CW.

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