‘Chicago Fire’ Recap Season 5 Episode 11 ‘Who Lives and Who Dies’

The title of this week’s Chicago Fire Season 5 was ominous at first, but reading the synopsis it made sense. Casey had to decide between two victims in a fire, putting a choice of life and death in his hands.

If you missed last week’s episode, catch up with the Chicago Fire recap right here. There are spoilers from this point.

One thing that Chicago Fire has been able to do is focus on the thoughts and emotions of the fire fighters during and after their cases. They also focus on the need to put personal circumstances to one side while on the job, which was the case for the start of the night’s episode. Gabi and Casey are clearing out all of Louie’s belongings to turn the room into a guest room. It’s definitely not easy or either of them, but they need to get to work straight after.

Casey’s emotions get a little out of check when it turns out there is a rat in the kitchen. Casey immediately orders everyone to clear the whole kitchen out to get rid of the rat before it becomes an infestation. Like the viewers, Herrmann realizes that there is something else going on. Casey is ordering them around like a crazy man and he isn’t interested in sharing his feelings.

Meanwhile, Gabi is called out to a pregnant teen who doesn’t realize she’s pregnant. The teen is having contractions but the baby is breech, so can’t be delivered right now. Brett has to turn the baby but it leads to the baby being born with the head stuck inside. Don’t worry, though! Brett helps the baby to breathe, as Gabi cuts the cord and gets the baby girl out.

While we cheer at our favourite EMT’s actions, the father at Med isn’t that happy. Well, who can blame him when his teenage daughter had just had a baby? But he goes one step too far and tells the teen, Darla, that she will have to live with her aunt if she is going to keep the baby because he’s been humiliation enough. Gabi is angry for Darla, but the aunt later tells her that there was shock in the father’s eyes and to stop judging. It’s a lesson many of us can learn, because we have no idea what is going on in that other person’s life.

Also at the hospital, Severide finds out that Anna is up walking after the bone marrow transplant. She may even get to go home soon. When he returns to the firehouse, he thanks Stella for everything she did while he was recovering.

Meanwhile, Gabi tries to talk to Casey but things are way too tense between them. When Casey shouts at Herrmann again, Gabi leaves.

Before we can find out more, there’s a call. The fire fighters find themselves as a building with people inside. As Boden calls them out of the burning building, a man pulls a gun on Casey. There’s a woman and her daughter stuck in the building. Casey manages to get the mother and daughter out, so he and Severide can go back in to save the man. That’s when the building explodes.

Casey is upset that he couldn’t save the man, and orders his men back into the building with a body bag. When they get there, the man is gone! Casey is certain that he’s in the right place, but is ordered back to the firehouse. Severide will search for the body.

When squad fail, Severide says that the search dogs will go to find him. There’s a question of hallucinations, but Casey knows what he saw. He continues to push Herrmann away, who just wants Casey to open up about losing Louie. It’s only when he’s talking to Gabi at home that he admits that he is losing his mind.

It turns out that Casey definitely wasn’t hallucinating. There was a man and he got out through a hatch. Nobody knows who the man was, but Boden tells Casey that he just needs to accept that the man wassaved.

Well, Casey isn’t happy and he gets truck 81 on the road to find out who the man in the basement of the building was. The property manager states that nobody was there, likely afraid that he would get in trouble. Casey just wants to apologize to the man for saving the little girl first. He made a choice to save a life and let someone else die, but the property manager isn’t budging.

Back at Med, Severide asks Anna to stay. He feels something between them and wants to find out if it could be something serious. He’s called away, just as he promises to be there when she’s released from the hospital.

At the next call, Severide and the others from the firehouse find a building securely locked. They need to get in, especially when Joe Cruz finds a man bleeding out on the ground. The victim has a pulse and is taken out. It’s a short case, that mostly leads us to a moment between Stella and Severide that reminds us that they could have been a great couple.

By the end of it, Herrmann has had enough of cleaning the place. He turns his frustration on Casey and Gabi, telling them that losing Louie may have been bad but they need to live with the pain for a while. It’s a positive part of the episode that gets Casey and Gabi to Darla’s house, where she and the baby are staying with her dad. It turns out that Darla is going to name the baby Gabi.

As for Severide, the love story has ended before it could begin. Anna has been discharged without telling Severide, but left a photo of her rockclimbing and a simple note of “someday…”

Will it be someday or are the Chicago Fire writers opening up the possibility of Severide and Stella? I’m glad that Anna has gone. I feel for her but the story just seemed a little too cliché. She had a life before the cancer and needs to see if that life is still there. Severide also needs to find the good things in his current life and that is Stella.

That’s it for this week’s Chicago Fire recap. Don’t forget to tune in next Tuesday at 10pm on NBC for more episodes.

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