Retro and Bold: Watchwords for 2017 Eyewear Trends

Be on the lookout for eye opening trends this year in eyewear! We’re taking a look back at yesteryear in fabulous retro designs as well as bold coloured frames and even a few surprises.

Retro and Bold: Watchwords for 2017 Eyewear Trends

Here’s Looking at You

Lets take a gander at some of the exciting styles rounding up the year.

Tortoiseshell is a retro look that is big again this year in several frame styles for both men and women. But, the tortoiseshell frame will not just be available with its regular brown background. This time-loved pattern is showing in alternative colours adding to its appeal. Also, just like all the classic leading ladies always knew, there is nothing quite as attractive as the retro cat eye style and that feminine shape is again ultra popular in 2017. (Did cat eye glasses ever really go out?) Add to the cat eye style of glasses some fancy statement designs for Spring/Summer and you have a whole new world of intrigue. Yet cat eye glasses will still be a big fashion winner in 2017’s bold, shiny black.

Speaking of black, we are seeing lots of darker colours to frame your 2017 personal eyewear look. See shiny black, red, pink, two-tone, royal blue frames or blue lens, metal and acetate combos and even way-out fancy or fantasy style glasses for men and women.

At the same time, those eye glass wearers who want a slightly softer look have not been forgotten. Clear and/or white is also an option, as is a soft pink, as well as a wide assortment of wired glasses, adding a light and airy, even elegant appeal for Spring and Summer.

The shape of things to come in eyewear becomes even more exciting once the consumer gets and eyeful of the diverse, almost jaw dropping selection of frame styles out there: From the very round, “Roosevelt” style to square, heart-shaped, oval, aviator, butterfly and even futuristic eyewear shapes. Add to these shapes – delicate appliqués, glittering stones, obvious little bolts, extra fine or double wire rims, and it becomes even more fun. Sunglasses have not been left behind and are also showing in every lens colour you could dream up but blue is the big colour this year.

Of course, the celebs have been showing up in fabulous eyewear fashion ahead of the times. Katy Perry portrays a softer look, not only with her round, light frames but her new blonde locks.

Retro and bold are indeed the watchwords for eyewear but even if your eyesight is 20/20 you’re going to be impressed. And for those who happen to be in the market, there is little not to love however, be prepared, because it’s going to take a lot longer for both men and women to make that purchase choice.

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