Stock Market Closed Flat due to Slowing GDP and Uncertainty – Jan. 27, 2017

Daily Stock Market News Jan. 27, 2017:  President Trump held a meeting today with Prime Minister May from Great Britain.  Brexit was one of many topics they discussed.  During the Fourth Quarter of 2016, imports and GDP both slipped a little.  With all the uncertainty, stocks closed flat today.  See more economic news and today’s closing prices.

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U.S. Stock Market Closing Prices Jan. 27, 2017:

Dow Jones Industrial Averages:  20,093.78  -7.13  (-0.04 percent)

S & P 500:  2,294.69  -1.99  (-0.09 percent)

NASDAQ:  5,660.78  -5.61  (+0.10 percent)

Crude Oil:  $53.20 a barrel

Today’s Stock Market and Economic News:

Today, President Trump met with Prime Minister May of Great Britain.  She was under pressure from her country to confront Trump over his threats of using torture in the future.  Meanwhile, she will be navigating her country through the complications of Brexit … the British exist from the European Union.  Ford Motor Company is already preparing for the possibility of taking $600 million in currency losses due to Brexit.

U.S. exports slipped last quarter, causing our Gross Domestic Product to slip, as well.  This is another reason why it would be smart for our country to avoid getting into a trade war which could hurt our exports even more.

A trade war could create problems for the multi-national companies which make up a large part of the S&P 500.

Is NAFTA really hurting the U.S.? The chart below shows how much we import from Mexico and how much they import from us.  In addition, the better their economy does, the less illegal immigration we tend to see.

Ever wonder which companies are the biggest employers in the various states?  Here’s a chart to help you.  Walmart is big across the South.

The Economic Record under the Past Few Presidents:


Median monthly jobs added
Obama:  186,000 a month
Bush:        61,000 a month
Clinton:  252,000 a month


Median yearly net wage growth
Obama:     2.2 percent
Bush:        3.3 percent
Clinton:    3.5 percent


Average of compound annual growth rate for S&P 500 Total Returns
Obama:   15.52
Bush:      -3.82
Clinton:   17.44

Last Year’s Stock Market and Economic Highlights for 2016:

If you wish to compare 2017 to 2016, here are a few of the most notable events in the stock market and the economy last year:

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 13.4 percent during 2016.

The S&P 500 climbed over 9 percent in 2016.

The Nasdaq was up over 7 percent during the year.

Average hourly wages were up over 2.4 percent during the year.

Unemployment dropped to 4.7 percent by the end of 2016.

Over 2 million new jobs were added to the economy during the 2016 (11.3 million jobs created during the Obama administration, with job growth for a record 75 straight months).

In 2016, auto sales hit a new record high of 17.5 million.

Resources: / MSN Money / Market Watch / YahooFinance / Bloomberg / Reuters / Wall Street Journal and other public news sources

Statistics on the past three presidential administrations:

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