Grimm Recap Episode 4 Season 6 “El Cuegle”

No one is going to like the Grimm monster-of-the-week this episode, even more than usual. Plus, dear Diana reveals even more of her telepathic capabilities. Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Grimm Recap Episode 4 Season 6 “El Cuegle”

Grimm Recap Episode 4 Season 6 “El Cuegle”

This Grimm episode 4 may be a little dis-“taste”-ful for viewers as the monster of the week is a baby eater. And- a pretty disgusting one too, with 3 arms and 3 eyes.

We’re really not sure about the 3 arms but the 3 eyes forces him to see the past, present and the future of the newborns he’s about to snatch. However, when we find out that perhaps their is a method to this monster’s madness, we may change our view, but…you know what? Not ever for me. Uh, uh.

Anyway, we begin this episode where we left off with Renard realizing he just agreed to end his only chance of becoming the bad-guy mayor of Portland after making that hasty agreement with Nick. And he’s not a happy camper. He calls the boys-Nick, Wu and Hank-in at the precinct and lets them know he’s not on their side and is actually really grumpy about everything. He is still getting calls from the Black Claw group and they’re not pleased either.

Along with all this there’s a new dimension this episode- Renard is seeing dead people- or is he? Well, we do see him yell at Meisner who even admits that he’s not really there. Renard throws coffee at him which lands on the window behind him. Meisner does deliver an entertaining funny line however… something about don’t you hate it when “coffee goes right through you!” ha! I love this show! He also leaves us wondering when he tells Renard that Bonaparte says hi. Okay what are we dealing with now- the spirit world? As if Wesens are not enough.

Next scene takes place at the spice shop where Adalind comes to fetch her “gifted” daughter, Diana. Diana asks for an explanation about why Nick was looking like her dad. They told her it was only to help Renard and she reluctantly seemed to buy it. Then, however, on her way out, she meets up with Rosalie’s pregnant tummy and tells an unsettled and shocked Rosalie and Monroe that there’s more than one in there. “How many more,” the panicked pair inquire of her. “Just— more,” she answers. This is pretty way out news for both the parents as well as, we viewers and we think to ourselves, “What-does she mean? A litter?” Diana then leaves the shop with mommy-Adalind
but throws an unsettling glance back at the pair.

Weird Wesen Woes

Cut to a clearly-uncomfortable ‘man?’ who is sitting in front of a computer, looking like he’s about to woge
any moment. He’s looking up happy couples that just gave birth recently and seems to settle on one family, “the Malers” and in particular their new born son, “Auggie”. We viewers who are now used to the introduction of the latest bad-guy Wesen know we’re in for some serious woge-ing and are not disappointed. This weird-o turns into a three-eyed, seriously ugly, monster with a third arm coming out from behind his head. Grimm creators really went out-on-the-limb to come up with this guy- (sorry!). Worst part he’s got his eye(s) on little Auggie.

Next scary scene- he’s leaning over the baby crib as mom comes into the room. Wesen-face turns and hurls her with his strange extra arm (maybe that’s what it’s for) into the dresser and takes off with the baby. Eeeek! Next, of course, our three boys in blue are notified and called in on the case.

But before this nasty Wesen business gets too involved, we do get to see Adalind and Nick smile happily as they both get back to the loft with violet-eyed Diana. They both agree that they still have to protect her (Diana) and her awesome powers and also agree that they’re both happy to be back together. (Hey, where’s little Kelly in all this?) But then the scene cuts to the now-creepy Eve/Juliet who is hanging out in the catacombs listening to their conversation. Unfortunately she hears their happy conversation as well as Adalind say, “I thought I was gonna go crazy without you.”

Eve doesn’t look to happy when she hears this and we see her trying very hard to woge and truth be told, she does look a little strange- which is not unusual at this point. We’re not sure what’s going on but we do see her start to focus on the hidden magic stick again as she starts to take it out of it’s hiding place behind a stone wall.

Catching El Cuegle

Nick, Hank and Wu go back to the Maler’s house to question the couple about the abduction and find out that the husband is intolerant to say the least- and thinks his wife is crazy after she reports that it was a monster that stole her child. He goes on and on about it and it doesn’t take long before we can tell that this is going to a real sore point in their already tense relationship.

Suddenly, we get a good look at the three-armed, three-eyed-“flying purple people eater” as he was referred to by Monroe. And believe me Monroe is not too happy there is a baby-eater monster on the loose!

The second we see the Wesen baby-eater, alone with poor Auggie, our stomachs drop. However, when he notices the baby has a fever he soothes the crying infant with his gross extra hand- (now we know what it’s for). It appears he wants to keep the child well for the right moment, later.

Then there’s a break in the case. After learning from a freaked-out pharmacy owner who had the pleasant experience of seeing a weirded-out Wesen woge right in his store, they take a look at security tape footage and realize this could be their baby-snatcher as not too many customers shopping for baby cough medicine have even looked close to that, of late.. After getting his license on the same tape, the Grimm group track the monster down and find him at his apartment. They have a pretty good idea what he is at this point, and after studying their Grimm diaries and take him into custody. They find out he’s an El Cuegle.

The gleesome threesome soon learn, after further cross examining, what is going on with El Cuegle in the well-worn questioning room.

Turns out he’s a Spanish Wesen who keeps kidnapped babies alive for “the hours of dread,” until he will be able to stop the “bad future” by eating the infant. He gets visions that these babies will be very bad news for either their parents or the human race, in the future.

Little Auggie is going to have an ‘isolated life’ because of the arguing of his parents and will end up shooting them both. So it seems this week’s monster feels it’s his mission to prevent many such ‘bad futures’ by eating the said, ‘perpetrator’ while he is just an infant.

Wow, who knew- this could be the answer to all the world’s problems- couldn’t it? It would save a fortune on counselling. He actually has a vision of a 19 year-old “Auggie” using his baby blanket as a silencer before he shoots and kills his parents. Disturbing.

Next, we get a lovely change of pace when Adalind drops Diana off for a little father-daughter time and we are treated to witnessing Diana boil the pasta water with just a glow from her eyes. Then, Renard decides to inquire of Diana just how Bonaparte died, and she answers sweetly, “You killed him, daddy”. Uh huh- at her will! And then she does admit it happened because Bonaparte hurt her mommy.

What follows is an exchange we all secretly dread, as Renard says to his dear daughter that she should come to him for help if, say, (perchance) Nick hurts mommy or anything. “Oh, he’d be very sorry,” she sweetly retorts. (I’m really starting to get that there’s going to be a big showdown between these three players!)

Final Scenes

El Cuegle woges and in a sudden battle at the precinct- breaks out of prison and soon Nick, Wu and Hank hurry to the Malers house to head him off. The next scene we see the Malers doing what they do best- involved in an on-going argument about whether the wife really did see a monster or is crazy! This is getting old folks! As predicted, El Cuegle breaks in and minutes later so does Nick and the gang.

Why is the husband never around to see this monster when he comes into their home-to end the argument. Isn’t that always the way? There’s the usual heavy skirmish and El Cuegle ends up falling backward over the stair landing and is fatally injured. However, before he dies he points to the baby blanket with bears on it that he had mentioned in his previous vision of Auggie shooting his parents. He says, “Bears!”

And the Grimm group get it. Ed Cuegle was right, at least about the baby blanket. Nick tries to tell the husband that his wife is not crazy but how do you tell someone about a baby-eating Wesen, anyway? The Grimm group hold the baby blanket with bears on it as the upstairs couple continue bickering. Chilling and disturbing ending. I can only hope that Nick and the gang monitor this family problem and prevent what the El Cuegle predicted.

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