Devils and Angels on ‘Face Off’

Last week on the premiere of “Face Off All Stars” the 16 artists took on their first challenge using green screen technology.

This season the artists are working in pairs and will win and be eliminated as teams.

Face Off

This week the teams will face their first elimination.

The artists meet hos McKenzie Westmore inside a church – the Westminster Church in Pasadina. She tells them that this week they will have to look deep inside themselves to look for good and evil because this week’s spotlight challenge is to take one of their own good traits and an evil trait to create an angel and a devil makeup; but in a “Face Off” first they will be applying both makeups to just one model. It will be up to the artists to determine how they will incorporate those traits into the model.

The artists begin working on their concepts while sitting in the church. Stella and Jasmine are having some trouble coming up with a good concept.

After creating a facial sculpt, Ben decides that it has too much of the devil and no angel, he tears it all apart and starts over.

Award winning makeup artist and “Face Off” mentor Michael Westmore visits the lab to offer his advice and suggestions to the artists. He has one for Gage and Rachael that Gage really likes.

The artists take a little time out from work to celebrate Tyler’s birthday.

One of Stella and Jasmine’s molds did not set and they have to do it all over again.

Going into last looks, the artists still have a lot of work to do.

After the reveal and last looks, McKenzie announces that Emily and Tyler, Logan and Adam, Ben and Evan, Cat and Niko, and Stella and Jasmine are the best and the worst looks for this week.

The judges – Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neil, and Neville Page – speak with each of the teams about their work…

After being in the bottom last week, Ben and Evan created an artistically beautiful work that was well though out that addressed a lot and had an exquisite angel.

Logan and Adam did not create a very successful makeup this week. While the guys are very good sculptors and have great ideas, their paint job was muddy and the applications didn’t work. Glenn said that he liked the concept but the implementation was troubling and disproportionate.

Emily and Tyler had an exquisite design with precision and accuracy that felt authentic. The judges said that the duo did some super impressive work.

Glenn said that he felt that Stella and Jasmine didn’t complete their concept and had meandering forms. The judges said that no matter what you have to make it beautiful and they didn’t do that. The duo found themselves in the bottom for the second week.

Ve said that Cat and Niko created an awesome character with stupendous wings and probably the most beautifully beauty makeup even seen on the show. Neville called the silhouette big and profoundly strong.

After deliberations Glenn announced that the winning team was Cat and Niko.

After two weeks in the bottom two, Stella and Jasmine were eliminated from the competition.

Next week, it’s on to Matel and a new twist.

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